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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Sam Everingham

FTS Director & Surrogacy Expert, Australia

Dr John Hesla

Fertility Specialist, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Louise Riding

Surrogacy Operations Ilaya, Ukraine

Dr Glenn Sterling

Life Fertility Australia

Dr Said Daneshmand

Fertility Specialist, San Diego Fertility Center. USA

Dana Magdassi

Principal, Lotus Surrogacy, Ukraine

Hayley Christidis

Gestational Surrogate, (WA)

Steve & Jen Dunne

Parents via Australia (ACT)

Alice Aickin

Surrogacy researcher, Swinburne, VIC

Cass Lake

Gestational Surrogate (NSW)

Sarah Jefford

Traditional Surrogate (VIC)

Charmaine Staal

Gestational surrogate, (QLD)

Clint Priest

Single gay dad via USA

Michael Vriens

Partner of surrogate

Katrina Hale

Fertility Counsellor, NSW

Poonam Jain

Country exit specialist, ISAPL

Ben Warner

Gad Dad via Aust surrogacy (QLD)