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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Dr Liz Butler

Clinical Embryologist, Life Fertility, Australia

Megan Hall

Founder, Surro Connections, Oregon USA

Stacie Ludlow

Gestational Surrogate, USA

Erez Baron

Surrogacy and Egg Donation Expert, ORM, USA

Greg Chang

Gay Dad via US (WA)

Angela Davey

Parent via domestic surrogacy (WA)

Andy Brough

Dad via domestic surrogacy (VIC)

Mel Holman

Traditional surrogate (QLD)

Amelia Seymour

Traditional surrogate (NSW)

Cass Lake

Gestational Surrogate (NSW)

Carla Pincombe

Traditional Surrogate (Melb)

Rachel Kunde

Traditional & gestational surrogate (QLD)

Hayley Christidis

Gestational Surrogate, (WA)

Shavone Schedewy

Gestational Surrogate (SA)

Amanda Bates

Parent via Australia (NSW)

Jessica Bavey

Intended parent via domestic (SA)

Trina Dando

Parent via Ukraine (SA)

Doug Weller

Gay Dad via US (QLD)

Daniel Smith

Parent via USA (WA)

Olivia Santa

Communications Manager, Families Through Surrogacy (WA)

Shane Woods

Gay dad via US (NSW)

Jillian Spears

Parent via domestic surrogacy (Bris)

Peter & Kevin

Parents via US (NSW, VIC)

Elisha Smith

Gestational surrogate (NSW)

Kyla Booth

Parent via international surrogacy (SA)

Alison Jennings

Parent via domestic surrogacy (SA)

Miranda Hill

Parent via domestic surrogacy (NSW)

Anna McKie

Altruistic surrogate (SA)

Stephen Glover

Dad via US surrogacy (QLD)