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IconAustralian Conference Presentations
Timing Description


Stephen Conroy, former Labor minister and father through surrogacy

Understanding the Current Landscape

An overview of surrogacy options in the US, Canada, Ukraine, Greece and Australia, including where surrogacy is legal, illegal and undefined; Summarises by country differences in eligibility, legal restrictions, risks, costs, who goes on birth certificate, exit processes timeframes, and parental status.

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Learnings from 37 years of Surrogacy Practice(Click to view)

In a world where many countries are struggling with the demand for surrogacy, what can the long-standing Californian model teach us about ideal surrogacy practice? Covers psychological screening and matching of surrogates, expenses management, legal surrogate care and mental well-being.

Andy Vorzimer, Vorzimer Masserman & Joanne Bubrick, Center for Surrogate Parenting

IVF Processes In Surrogacy(Click to view)

Dr Tom Fisher, Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Finding & Engaging with Australian Surrogates(Click to view)

Meeting potential Australian surrogates and donors online is increasingly common. Some forums are Australian based, some international. Rules about contact vary. However you need to understand the dos and donts of surrogate engagement

Renee Golland

Factors To Assist In Choosing Egg Donors(Click to view)

Discusses what egg donor characteristics best predict success in regards to third party reproduction; how do US IVF clinics screen and manage donors; what medical considerations are relevant; issues in relation to bringing your own donor

Dr Bruce Shapiro, Fertility Center of Las Vegas, USA

Surrogate screening practices

Compares screening processes globally. How important is it? and why do these differ? Which countries use psychological testing instruments? How standardised are these? What proportion of potential surrogates who apply are accepted? Why does this differ?

Moderator: Katrina Hale

Panelists: Joanne Bubrick USA; Dana Magdassi, Ukraine; Shirley Voshol, Greece

Surrogate Only Session (Prayer room)

Australian surrogates Rachel Kunde & Hayley Christidis host a special support and sharing session for Aussie surrogates and those considering becoming surrogates

Legal Issues & Eligibility When Engaging In Surrogacy

Who is eligible for surrogacy in different markets? What legal recognition & protection do intended parents & surrogates have in various countries? Looks at the differences in US states, Ukraine & Australia. Is protection in overseas markets extended to Australians? What legal services are required in different places?

Moderator: Monica Blizzard

Panelists: Robin Pope Oregon; Andy Vorzimer, California; Ben Sayer, Australia; Dana Magdassi, Ukraine;

Surrogate Only Session (Continued)

Rachel Kunde & Hayley Christidis

Coming to Terms with Infertility

Lisa Banfield, Parent via OS surrogacy

Surrogacy For Gay Men (Click to view)

Gay men have a whole lot of new concepts to get their heads around when it comes to surrogacy – everything from approaching IVF clinics, medical terminology, egg donor selection & understanding IVF terminology. A crash course for gay singles and couples

Dr Bronwyn Devine


Assessing Embryo Quality (Click to view)

Embryology is a medical speciality poorly understood by most patients. IVF industry marketing assures patients that ‘healthy, normal’ embryos will be transferred  but what can and cant they guarantee? What makes some embryos stronger than others; What is pre-implantation genetic testing?   Can it improve embryo implantation rates? What can and cant it pick up? When to invest in it?

Dr Liz Butler, Life Fertility Australia

Finding an Egg Donor 

Donors and Recipients discuss how they chose a local or overseas donor and take us on a journey through the options – from Australian donor forums to international donor agencies. How they work, what to look for, and how to navigate the maze



Navigating Domestic Surrogacy (Click to view)

Who is eligible, what are the steps at the IVF clinic, what are the expected timings, what about costs and rebates?

Ruth Keat, Life Fertility, Brisbane

Moderator: Renee Golland

Carla Pincombe, Egg Donation Australia, Clinton Bryan-Mathieson (domestic); Gabby Goldberg (international)

Embryo Transfer Decisions(Click to view)

Many intended parents want more than one child. Faced with high costs, many opt for multiple embryo transfer, thinking two for the price of one more financially affordable. US IVF expert and renowned physician Dr Kumar discusses the implications of multiple transfer, the risks of complications, very pre-term delivery, medical cost and insurance implications.

Dr Ashim Kumar, Western Fertility, California

<strong><a href=”http://www.familiesthrusurrogacy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/10-Surrogate-IP-relationships.pdf”>Surrogate-IP Relationships </a>(Click to view)</strong>

How to ensuring your match and relationship is a healthy one and thrives

Megan Hall

Parent Support Services (Click to view)

The logistics of surrogacy can be daunting, particularly in a foreign country. This session explores the kind of support which intended parents appreciate from agencies, what can be provided and how it affects costs

Moderator: Gabby Goldberg

Carey Flamer-Powell (All Families Surrogacy Oregon), Nir Keren CReATe fertility center (Canada)

The  Counselling Process

Relationships between surrogate, her partner and the intended parent are a key to success. Building relationships; what counselling should cover; what the counsellor is looking for,; preparing yourself; potential impact on family members; Potential red flags; resolving Disputes

Moderator:  Louise Johnson, VARTA

Panellists: Katrina Hale NSW, Rita Alesi VIC, Miranda Montrone, NSW Kim Nadler, Calif

Hybrid Programs

To control costs, avoid wait times or avoid legal issues, Australians are taking Aussie surrogates to the US, US surrogates to Cyprus and now there are US/India programs. Our panel discusses the pros and cons.

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Michael Colling, Tammuz Family, Lilly Frost, Expecting Surrogacy, Megan Hall Surro Connections

Men in the middle –

Australian men – gay & straight – discuss coping when your partner won’t give up; adjusting to your partner carrying for someone else; how they manage relationships, finances and your sanity

Moderator: Clinton Bryan-Mathieson

Panellists: David Sandberg, Alexi Christidis, Andy Brough, Simon Curtis

How to Minimise Risk in Cross Border Surrogacy

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Roy Rosenblatt-Nir, Tammuz, Ella McNamara, Fert Center of Las Vegas, Brad Spencer, SameLove Surrogacy

Social media in supporting your journey

Moderator: Ben Warner

Anthony Fisk, Dad via surrogacy, Emma Wood , Mum via domestic surrogacy

IconAustralian Conference Presentations
Timing Description

Child Outcomes & Disclosure

It’s the elephant in the room – will using surrogacy f#ck up my child?  Should I tell them and if so when? These young adults born via surrogacy advise IPs on what the dos and donts are when raising surrogacy-formed families.

Moderator: Kim Nadler, Calif

Panel: Alice Clarke (29), Matt Mills (19), Morgan Rennie (20)

Elements of a Successful Journey (Click to view)

Wherever you engage, ensuring that your expectations are aligned with those of your surrogate and, where relevant, egg donor, are vital. A psychologist with over two decades experience in screening and matching, Ms Bergman covers the types of issues that need to be key considerations to ensure a successful, stress-free journey

Dr Kim Bergman, Growing Generations

Money-Back Guarantee Programs (Click to view)

When using a pre-approved egg donor, a number of IVF clinics offer higher priced  ‘multi-transfer’ packages which provide a money-back guarantee if transfers do not result in a successful pregnancy. How do these programs work? Are they worth the additional cost? Can you bring your own egg donor and still be eligible for such a program?

John Norian, HRC Fertility

The Surrogate Perspective (Click to view)

What can go right and what can go wrong and how to cope.

Rachel Kunde 

Parent Panel – Surrogacy Journeys

In-depth discussion & Q&A with parents detailing what to expect – processes, costs, potential risks, what can go wrong and how to survive the unexpected hurdles with parents via US, Australia, Laos/Thailand, Ukraine, Canada

Moderator: Sam Everingham

 Emma Wood (Aust)  Paul Van Deuren (Laos), Daniela Meffert  (Ukraine) Kelly Besim (US),  Chris Newton  (Canada)

Australians Experiences of Surrogacy (Click to view)

Based on in-depth interviews with dozens of Australians who have engaged in the US, Canada, Greece, Ukraine and South Africa for surrogacy and donor eggs, this session provides honest consumer feedback on their experiences. Part of a major government funded five-year research project

Dr Michaela Stockey-Bridge, University of Technology, Sydney

Legal Processes In Surrogacy – Whats Worth Paying For?

Panelists: Sarah Jefford, Gaffney Law (VIC); Erin Steiner, Steiner Legal (NSW), Andy Vorzimmer (USA)

Attitudes & Values of Intended Parents & Surrogates

Matching the beliefs, attitudes and values of surrogates and IPS using surrogacy can make a far smoother journey. Based on her analysis of over 120 surrogacy cases, Miranda discusses what you should look for before commencing, an arrangement.

Miranda Montrone

Male Factor Fertility Issues (Click to view)

Male-factor fertility issues are an under-acknowledged aspect of successful IVF. Advances in medical science also allow sperm-washing so HIV positive men can safely create embryos. Discusses sperm testing techniques, common issues that can be diagnosed and techniques to overcome low sperm counts

Dr Manuela Toledo, Melbourne IVF

Techniques to Tell Your Kids Where They Came From (Click to view)

Explaining donor conception and surrogacy to kids at the right age and right time is crucial. Louise Johnson discusses when and how to talk to your kids, how storybooks help and what to think about when creating one for your child(ren)

Louise Johnson, VARTA

IconAustralian Seminar Series Tues 10th October 2017
Timing Description

Update on Surrogacy Landscape & Considerations

An overview of where & how Australians are engaging, setting your expectations of costs, success rates, surrogate screening and care. Covers US, Canada, Australia, Ukraine & Greece in particular, as well as considerations around egg donors and embryo testing

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Deciding On an IVF Clinic

How to interpret  clinic success rates, understanding the importance of embryology, IVF clinic donors, and what to budget in regard to IVF, donors and associated costs. Also discusses the possibilities & limitations in regard to embryo shipping.

Craig Reisser, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Parent Panel

Local parents who successfully engaged in surrogacy in Australia, Canada, US and Ukraine share their experiences, the ups and downs and their recommendations for those considering the same journey. Includes audience Q&A

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Panellists: tbc

Looking After the Needs of Surrogates & IPs

Megan Hall can call herself an expert in understanding the needs of both surrogates and intended parents. She has been a Gestational Surrogate for  three  families and now runs a successful surrogacy agency in Oregon, USA. Oregon is an example of a US state with no statutes specifically addressing surrogacy and yet surrogacy is flourishing there. Oregon courts will issue pre-birth parentage orders for both heterosexual and gay intended parents. Megan will share her advice on what makes a good surrogate/intended parent match, the availability of traditional and gestational surrogacy and how to ensure your surrogacy journey is as hassle free as possible.

Megan Hall, Surro Connections, Oregon, USA

Surrogate Panel

A panel of local surrogates who have completed journeys discuss how they decided on the Intended Parents to carry for, their experience of counselling, IVF and legal processes, professional support as well as relationships with intended parents and their own families

Moderator: tbc

Panelists: tbc

Drinks & Networking