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Unbiased Advice and Insight from Parents & Professionals

Seminar tickets available from $15

Wed 1st February 2017  Brisbane 6.30pm – 9.00pm, Ibis Hotel, 27 Turbot St Brisbane

Friday 3rd February 2017 Perth 6.30pm – 9.00pm Metro Hotel, 61 Canning Highway, South Perth

Mon 6th February 2017 Melbourne 6.30pm -9.00pm, Amora Hotel Riverwalk, 649 Bridge Rd, Richmond

Wed 8th February 2017 Sydney 6.30pm – 9.00pm CQ University, Street level, 400 Kent St, Sydney



Australian Surrogacy Seminars

IconAustralian Surrogacy Seminars Feb 2017
Timing Description

Welcome & Overview of Surrogacy Options

Provides an overview of the current issues in domestic and overseas surrogacy in regard to costs, wait times, risks and legal considerations. Plus an update on Australian surrogacy births to date via Australia, Ukraine, Cambodia & Canada

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Deciding on an IVF Clinic

How to interpret  clinic success rates, understanding the importance of embryology, IVF clinic donors, and what to budget in regard to IVF, donors and associated costs. Also discusses the possibilities & limitations in regard to sending embryos from Australia and how  the new Trump administration will effect US Surrogacy.

Ella McNamara, Fertility Center of Las Vegas, USA

Surrogacy In South-east Asia

Many hundreds of Australians have formed families with the help of surrogates in India, Thailand, Nepal & Cambodia, enriching their ties with Asia and connection with its diverse cultures. Addy Pimthepa is well respected by many Australians with children via Thailand and understands better than most how to support women carrying for westerners. She provides rare insight into the lives of Asian surrogates, what the future holds for cross-border surrogacy in the region and how the Laos government have been drawing on Japanese and US expertise to build capacity for surrogacy.

Addy Pimthepa, Miracle IVF Center, Talent IVF Asia


Making Australian Surrogacy Easier

For surrogates in Australia,matching with IPs can be really daunting without support. A key group of Australian surrogates and parents are working on a tool to assist IPs and surrogates to create better matches. Sam Everingham explains

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy


Drinks, Questions & Networking


Looking After the Needs of Surrogates & IPs

Megan Hall can call herself an expert in understanding the needs of both surrogates and intended parents. She has been a Gestational Surrogate for  three  families and now runs a successful surrogacy agency in Oregon, USA. Oregon is an example of a US state with no statutes specifically addressing surrogacy and yet surrogacy is flourishing there. Oregon courts will issue pre-birth parentage orders for both heterosexual and gay intended parents. Megan will share her advice on what makes a good surrogate/intended parent match, the availability of traditional and gestational surrogacy and how to ensure your surrogacy journey is as hassle free as possible.

Megan Hall, Surro Connections, Oregon, USA

Parents & Surrogate Panel

Parents & Surrogates share their surrogacy journeys (both domestic and international), including the ups and downs, what they learnt along the way and what they’d do differently next time. In Sydney & Melbourne includes insights from parents with MRKH.

Brisbane: Angie Paterdis & Mel Kouvidis, Hayley Sinton (surrogate) Sandra (SE Asia), Sydney: Christian & Juan Fernandez (Mexico & Aust), Cassie Lake (Surrogate) Jaqi Quinlan (MRKH SE Asia) Melbourne: Rob Reith (Aust surrogacy), Bec Marshall (surrogate), Jacqueline Martin (MRKH) Perth: Hayley Christidis (surrogate), Ange Davey (Aust surrogacy) Greg Chang (Gay dad via US)

Getting the Legals Right

Donor & surrogate agreements, legal validity and risks.  Paul Boers clarifies what your rights are as an intended parent or surrogate in Australia, issues to consider in drafting a surrogacy agreement and how to minimize your legal costs under the Australian system . Also covers what an Australian lawyer can do in relation to international surrogacy

Paul Boers, Boers & Associates, Australia