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Icon Australian Seminar Series Sat 7th October 2017
Timing Description

Update on Surrogacy Landscape & Considerations

A session to set your expectations of costs, success rates, surrogate screening and care. Covers US, Canada, Australia, Ukraine & Greece, as well as considerations around egg donors, eligibility for citizenship, passports and implications of the recent Family Court decision on legal parentage

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Overview of Surrogacy Options (Click to open)

Deciding On an IVF Clinic

How to interpret  clinic success rates, understanding the importance of embryology, IVF clinic donors, and what to budget in regard to IVF, donors and associated costs. Also discusses the possibilities & limitations in regard to embryo shipping.

Erez Baron Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Deciding on an IVF Clinic (click to open)

Parent Panel
Local parents who successfully engaged in surrogacy in Australia, Canada, US and Ukraine share their experiences, the ups and downs and their recommendations for those considering the same journey. Includes audience Q&A
Moderator: Sam Everingham

Looking After the Needs of Surrogates & IPs

Megan Hall can call herself an expert in understanding the needs of both surrogates and intended parents. She has been a Gestational Surrogate for  three  families and now runs a successful surrogacy agency in Oregon, USA.. Megan  shares her advice on what makes a good surrogate/intended parent match, the availability of gestational surrogacy and how to ensure your surrogacy journey is as hassle free as possible.

Megan Hall, Surro Connections, Oregon, USA

Looking after the needs of Surrogates and IPs (Click to open)

Assessing Embryo Quality

Embryology is a medical speciality poorly understood by most patients. IVF industry marketing assures patients that ‘healthy, normal’ embryos will be transferred but what can and cant they guarantee? What makes some embryos stronger than others; What is pre-implantation genetic testing?   Can it improve embryo implantation rates? What can and cant it pick up? When to invest in it?

Dr Liz Butler, Life Fertility, Queensland

Assessing Embryo Quality (Click to open)


Surrogate Panel

A panel of local & US surrogates who have completed journeys discuss how they decided on the Intended Parents to carry for, their experience of counselling, IVF and legal processes, professional support as well as relationships with intended parents and their own families


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