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IconAustralian Seminar Series Friday 16 February Perth
Timing Description

Ten Things I Wish I Knew About International IVF Processes (Click to view)

Ella provides answers to many of the common questions intended parents have, including how to make sense of pricing, where to find success rate data for IVF clinics, the pros and cons of single & double embryo transfers.

Ella McNamara, Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Legal Considerations (click to view)

The processes required to achieve legal transfer of parentage differ by state. This will clarify what legal processes you will need to budget for to meet QLD requirements.

Ben Sayer, Sayer Jones

Surrogacy & IVF Clinic Choices In Ukraine 

Ukraine has exploded as a legal surrogacy destination, but you need to work with both a surrogacy agency and an IVF clinic. This session coves surrogate matching -how it is done and what to expect; embryo shipping; Who are the Ukraine surrogate and donor?; Where does the surrogate live? What are their policies on single/double embryo transfer, 3 or 5 day blastocyst transfer? Surrogate communication during pregnancy; Choice of birth hospital; Option of not travelling to Ukraine before the birth.

Yannir Goldsmid, Lotus Surrogacy