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FTS third Dublin conference was a friendly, supportive and informative annual event to assist prospective parents, whether heterosexual or gay, singles or couples. The one day event focuses on parents own surrogacy journeys, as well as expert sessions on the medical, legal, logistics and psychological considerations of surrogacy in destinations popular with Irish – the US & Ukraine  Also provide insights  regarding surrogacy in Ireland and Canada.

Venue: Croke Park Stadium
Time: 9.30am – 5.00pm



Dublin Conference 11 Mar 2018

IconDublin Conference 11 Mar 2018
Timing Description

Surrogacy Decision Making

What are the key steps required in surrogacy arrangements? What options are available? What risks and considerations do you need to plan for upfront? How can you calculate  budgets and chances of success?

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Understanding IVF Processes in Surrogacy

Oregon Reproductive Medicine does a huge amount of surrogacy-related IVF each year, so one of their most senior reproductive endocrinolgists is perfectly positioned to walk you through some essential issues for consideration in this most important component

Dr Elizabeth Barbieri, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Egg  & Sperm Quality – Important Factors Predicting Success

You are asking much of your surrogate, so ensuring you have strong embryos to implant is crucial. Whether you are using your own or donor eggs, this session will clarify the factors that affect egg & sperm quality and what you and your team can do to give you best chances of success.

Dr Guy Ringler, California Fertility Partners, USA

Common Questions Regarding Surrogacy (in Ukraine)

What hidden costs and additional costs should you expect;

Louise Riding, Ilaya Clinic, Ukraine

Workable Domestic Surrogacy In Ireland

Ireland’s draft Irish AHR Bill designed to allow domestic surrogacy in Ireland obstructs rather than facilitates access, through a ban on traditional surrogacy, restrictions on expense payments, bans on advertising for a surrogate and  a clunky route to legal parentage. Dr Brian Tobin tackles  what needs re-drafting.

Dr Brian Tobin, Law Lecturer, NUI Galway

Coming to Terms with Not Carrying Your Own Child

Not being able to carry your own child is commonly associated with feelings of grief and loss for women. This session addresses tools to help you come to terms with infertility

Roisin Venables, Infertility Counsellors Association

 IVF Add-ons – What you really need

IVF clinic are increasingly offering a vast array of add-ons such as Pre-genetic testing, scratch tests, embryo ‘glue’ to regular IVF. But is there evidence that these provide any added benefit? An expert cuts through to provide the facts

Dr Said Daneshmand, San Diego Fertility Center, USA

Surrogacy Agreements & Contracts

A Seven Step Plan

Tracy Horan, D’Arcy Horan, Ireland

Legal Documentation following Surrogacy


Paula Mahan, California, Fiona Duffy, Ireland, Steve Snyder, Minnesota

Experiences of Fatherhood among Gay Men

Based on research with Irish gay dads, this talk summaries how gay men form their families, access support and integrate their “gay” and “father” identities.

Dr Conn Dorai-Raj, Trinity College, University of Dublin