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Unbiased Advice and Insight from Parents & Professionals

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LOCATION: Royal Marine Hotel, Marine Rd, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin

Building on last years success, the 2nd Families Through Surrogacy conference will be a masterclass in best practice surrogacy. Primarily the event is for intended parents from Ireland (ROI and NI) considering surrogacy as an option to form a family. Irish Parents, their children and surrogates will share their experiences alongside some of Ireland’s and the world’s most experienced surrogacy professionals. including clinics /service providers , legal professionals and reproductive medicine specialists from various countries.

Options for heterosexual, same sex couples and singles will be discussed. A talk and tell session for explaining surrogacy to children, friends and family will be a feature.
This is a must-attend event for intended parents, families formed through surrogacy and professionals in this area of health and law.

Ireland Consumer Conference

IconIreland Consumer Conference 12 Mar 2017
Timing Description

Welcome & Overview 

Surrogacy Options – The Current Landscape. What markets have opened and closed to surrogacy in the last few years, what are the current options and how these changes have impacted surrogacy resources and availability

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy


What has 35 years Experience Taught us About Best Practice?

In a world where many countries are struggling with the demand for surrogacy, what can the long-standing Californian model teach us about ideal surrogacy practice? Covers psychological screening and matching of surrogates, expenses management, surrogate care and transfer of parentage.

Karen Synesiou, Center for Surrogate Parenting, Andy Vorzimer, Vorzimer Masserman


Important Factors in Choosing An Egg Donor

Your potential donor may be a friend, relative, or from a database. Dr Librach has been assisting gay and heterosexuals with egg-donor surrogacy for decades. In this session, he runs through when you should consider donor eggs & key ways to raise your chances of success with donor eggs.

Dr Guy Ringler, California Fertility Partners, USA

IVF Choices: A parents experience
Fresh or Frozen? Single or multiple embryo transfer – what are the risks?  Gender Selection?  These are just some of the important treatment decisions IPs may need to make.  Here one parents experience with these important questions and how the answers shaped his Surrogacy Journey.

Craig Reisser, International Patient Co-ordinator Oregon Reproductive Medicine


Understanding the Legal Procedure in Ireland

Annette Hickey and Martin O Carroll  of  Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan Solicitors will provide you with detailed legal information regarding surrogacy law in Ireland and give you a step by step guide of the Court process, documentation required and the likely outcomes.

Annette Hickey & Martin O’Carroll, Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan

Parent & Surrogate Panel

Parents & surrogates discuss in depth their journeys to have a child in the UK, Canada and Ukraine, including the hurdles, the important decisions; real costs; cost saving techniques, what can go wrong, & how they coped when the chips were down. Audience Q&A

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Panelists: Neil McDonagh (gay dad via UK) Mark Riseley (dad via Ukraine), Gina Kitson (surrogate) Kevin Vaughan (gay dad via Canada), Sharon O’Leary (mum via Ukraine)


What Are the differences in how Eastern Europe practises commercial surrogacy?

Georgia and particularly Ukraine have laws supporting surrogacy for heterosexual foreigners and have greatly expanded their capacity in the last year as Asian countries have closed. But how accepted is surrogacy in Eastern Europe; how are surrogates screened and cared for; what legal protections are in place; what sort of relationships can IPs expect?

Anastasia Aleksandrova, Biotex.com, Ukraine

Increasing Your Chances of a Successful Journey

Two highly experienced surrogacy industry experts who have assisted hundreds of clients from around the globe provide advice on factors to consider in maximizing your chances of success. Includes audience Q&A.

Moderator: tbc

Karen Synesiou CSP California, Steve Snyder, IARC Minnesota

Understanding IVF, Embryo Testing & Transfer Decisions

Understanding the medical stages of pregnancy & what test results o expect at each is important. Intended parents also need to know what are the risks of miscarriage and

how to increase success rates. So what tools are available to assess embryo quality? When is pre-genetic testing of embryos relevant? How does blastocyst culturing help? What should you expect in terms of fall off from early embryo to blastocyst stage. What proportion of blastocysts are likely to be normal on PGD-testing?

Dr Clifford Librach, Create IVF, Canada


Telling Your Kids & Friends About Surrogacy & Donor Conception

Talking about surrogacy to your kids, family & friends can be tough. Many have inaccurate pre-conceptions about how surrogates are treated and what motivates them. Some infertile couples delay telling children, family and friends afraid of judgement. Religious beliefs can complicate things. But without support, the emotional burden of surrogacy can be tough.  This panel discusses how & when  to inform and empower your friends and most importantly your children

Moderator: John Duffy

Connie Whelan (Teenager via Surrogacy), Margaret Dunne, Fertility Counsellor & Nina Barnsley Donor Conception Network

Multi-national surrogacy

A panel of experts will discuss surrogacy in the Ukraine/Canada/US with particular focus on the Surrogacy Agreement, Emergency Travel Document, DNA testing following birth and the subsequent court applications. The panel will also discuss very recent developments which lead to a more expedient and efficient exit from the Ukraine/Canada/US.

Moderator: Caroline Lindsay Poulsen

Panellists: Poonam Jain, exit specialist; Anastasiya Herman, Intersono ; Tracey Horan, D’Arcy Horan Solicitors