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Ireland Consumer Conference

IconIreland Consumer Conference 12 Mar 2017
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Best Practice in Surrogacy Arrangements (Click to view)

In a world where many countries are struggling with the demand for surrogacy, what can the long-standing Californian model teach us about ideal surrogacy practice? Covers psychological screening and matching of surrogates, expenses management, surrogate care and transfer of parentage.

Karen Synesiou, Center for Surrogate Parenting, California

IVF Choices – The Patient Perspective  (click to view)
Fresh or Frozen? Single or multiple embryo transfer – what are the risks?  Gender Selection?  These are just some of the important treatment decisions IPs may need to make.  Here one parents experience with these important questions and how the answers shaped his Surrogacy Journey.

Craig Reisser, International Patient Co-ordinator Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Understanding the Legal Procedure in Ireland

Annette Hickey and Martin O Carroll  of  Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan Solicitors will provide you with detailed legal information regarding surrogacy law in Ireland and give you a step by step guide of the Court process, documentation required and the likely outcomes.

Annette Hickey & Martin O’Carroll, Poe Kiely Hogan Lanigan

Overview of Surrogacy Options – FTS (Click to view)

Explores the legal, cost, eligibility and timeline issues for surrogacy destinations globally, including hybrid programs and options for detailed advice.

Sam Everingham Families Through Surrogacy