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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Dr Elizabeth Barbieri

Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Jen Ahern

Sr. Associate Attorney & Director, Creative Family Connections, USA

Dr Guy Ringler

Reproductive specialist, Californian Fertility Partners, USA

Dr Said Daneshmand

Fertility Specialist, San Diego Fertility Center. USA

Steve Pugh

Senior Policy Manager, Assisted Conception & Embryology, Dept Health

Colin Rogerson

Solicitor, Dawson Cornwell LawyersUK

Nir Keren

CreATE IVF & Babies Come True, Canada

Dr Sergey Malozemov

Director, Nemama Surrogacy, Russia

Vesna Radojevic

Clinical Psychologist, Building Families, Calif

Natalie Gamble

Principal, Natalie Gamble Associates

Kathryn Kaycoff-Manos

Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, USA

Guy Tatsa

Founder, BabyBloom

Sarah Norcross

Director, Progress Educational Trust, UK

Erika Tranfield

Director, Pride Angel

Jane Wilson

UK traditional surrogate

Sam Everingham

FTS Director & Surrogacy Expert, Australia

Molly O’Brien

Fertility Attorney, California

Sandra Bateman

Chief Executive, National Fertility Society

Jen McArthur

Director, Case management, Worldwide Surrogacy

Helen Prosser

Director, Brilliant Beginnings

Sarah Jones

UK Surrogate Chair, Surrogacy UK

Michelle Green

UK Surrogate (SUK)

Lisa Ifould

Straight surrogate

Dr Kirsty Horsey

Family law academic, University of Kent

Cathy Hunt

Partner of UK Surrogate

Carol Weathers

Program Director, Building Families, Inc Calif.

Paula Mahan

Principal, Mahan & Mahan Attorneys, California

Alec Cohen

Gay Dad via USA

Julie Buckley

Mum via egg donor surrogacy (domestic)

Dr Rosa Propato

Fertility Consultant, EmbryoClinic Greece

Meet our Parent Speakers

Gina Kinson

UK Surrogate

Kate Fruin-Smith

UK Surrogate

David Gonzalez

Gay Dad via UK

Hannah Bailey

Parent via Canada

Tracy Akoun

Mum via UK Surrogacy

Tricia Hunt

UK surrogate (London)

Caroline Evans

UK Surrogate (SUK)

Alex Kinson

Child of UK Surrogate

Ian Kinson

Husband of UK surrogate

Linder Wilkinson

UK surrogate (GS &TS)