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FTS is hosting its 4th European Consumer Conference on Surrogacy Options at 155 Bishopgate, Liverpool St, London on 11 March 2017

Register for the Friday night pre-conference social function here (no charge for IPs and surrogates)

UK Consumer Conference

IconUK Consumer Conference 11 Mar 2017
Timing Description

Surrogacy Options – The Current Landscape

Provides an overview of what markets have opened and closed to surrogacy in the last few years, what are the current options for heterosexual, gay and single IPs and how these changes have impacted surrogacy resources and availability in existing and new markets.

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy


Legal Issues for UK Citizens & Other Nationalities

An eminently practical layman’s guide to how surrogacy and the law interact for UK citizens, mixed citizenship couples and foreigners resident in the UK. This session will give you a better understanding of the latest developments in UK law and how they affect legal parentage for gay, heterosexual, single and couple arrangements. Also covers issues around informed consent for donors, surrogates and the rights of the unborn child.

Louisa Ghevaert, Michelmores Solicitors, UK 

Understanding IVF Processes in Surrogacy – The Basics

Covers key terms and processes you should understand to help you make the right decisions about egg donors and surrogate preparation. What’s a blastocyst – when & why are they frozen? What is genetic counselling and who needs it? Twin rates, risk factors for prematurity,

Dr Said Daneshmand, San Diego Fertility Center, USA


What has 35 years of Surrogacy Experience Taught us About Best Practice?

In a world where many countries are struggling with the demand for surrogacy, what can the long-standing Californian model teach us about ideal surrogacy practice? Covers everything from psychological screening and matching of surrogates, expenses management, pre-birth transfer of parentage, levels of regulation, birth certificates and citizenship.

Karen Synesiou, Center for Surrogate Parenting, Andy Vorzimer, Vorzimer Masserman

IVF Choices: A parents experience
Fresh or Frozen? PGD Testing or no PGD Testing? Gender Selection? These are just some of the important treatment decisions IPs may need to make. Hear one parents experience with these important questions and how the answers shaped his surrogacy journey.

Craig Reisser, International Patient Co-ordinator, Oregon Reproductive Medicine

Parent Panel

Parents discuss their journeys to have a child in the US, UK & Canada, including the hurdles, the important decisions; real costs; cost saving techniques, what can go wrong, & how they coped when the chips were down.

Moderator: Richard Westoby

Scott McGregor (US)  Adam Dreyfus-Gibson (Canada), Frances Simmons (UK) Fiona O’Driscoll (UK)



Important Factors in Choosing An Egg Donor

Your potential donor may be a friend, relative, or from a database. Dr Guy Ringler has been assisting gay and heterosexuals with egg-donor surrogacy for decades. In this session, he runs through when you should consider donor eggs & key ways to raise your chances of success with donor eggs.

Dr Guy Ringler, California Fertility Patrtners, USA

Matching & Working with Egg Donors and surrogates

A panel of industry experts guides you through the key issues to consider in shortlisting, selecting and working with donors and surrogates. Discusses important considerations in matching and preferences regarding ongoing contact. Provides an overview of how to ensure the legal rights of both surrogates and intended parents are protected,

Moderator: Sarah Norcross

Panelists: Steve Snyder, IARC (Minnesota); Wendy Wilson, Gifted Journeys (California), Gina Kinson,

What Are the differences in how Eastern Europe practises commercial surrogacy?

Georgia and particularly Ukraine have laws supporting surrogacy for heterosexual foreigners and have greatly expanded their capacity in the last year as Asian countries have closed. But how accepted is surrogacy in Eastern Europe; how are surrogates screened and cared for; what legal protections are in place; what sort of relationships can IPs expect?

Anastasia Aleksandrova, Biotex.com, Ukraine


Embryo Testing & Transfer Decisions

No-one can guarantee a pregnancy will lead to a healthy birth, but when there is so much emotional and financial investment involved, understanding how to increase your success rates is vital. So what tools are available to assess embryo quality? When is pre-genetic testing of embryos relevant? What are the pros and cons?

Dr Clifford Librach, Create IVF, Canada

What You Should Know About the IVF Industry

Popular author, advocate and Fertility UK spokesperson Jessica Hepburn draws on her own long experience of failed IVF to shed light on some of the lesser known aspects of medicalised infertility. She discusses tools to help you cope with infertility

Jessica Hepburn, Author, Fertility Fest founder & Consumer Advocate

Surrogate Panel

Matching with a surrogate – what are the important issues? what qualities are needed? Support during pregnancy and after. What are the likely hurdles; IP relationships How do they work ? Looking after the needs of each party; the merits of traditional vs gestational surrogacy, carrying for a stranger; managing expectations; can we work together? family members as surrogates


Panelists: Gina Kinson (UK), Brianna Johnson (US), Tricia Hunt (UK) 

Trends in Multi-national surrogacy

Access to surrogates is easier in some countries. Affordable or high quality IVF is more available in others. Add to this ‘fly-in’ egg donors and vast differences in legal access means Intended Parents are increasingly reliant on providers in multiple countries. A panel of experts discusses the logistics, legal issues, pros and cons of ‘hybrid’ surrogacy arrangements in Canada/US, Ukraine and Laos/Thailand

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Panellists: Gaurav Wankhede, Become Parents; Anastasia Alexsandrova, Biotex.com; Colin Rogerson, Dawson Cornwell; Poonam Jain (ISAPL)

Increasing Your Chances of a Successful Journey

Three highly experienced surrogacy industry experts who have assisted hundreds of clients from around the globe provide advice on factors to consider in maximizing your chances of success. Includes audience Q&A.

Moderator: Dr Jyoti Taneja, UK

Panelists: Karen Synesiou (CSP), Dr Sandy Chuan (San Diego Fertility Center), Andrew Spearman (A City Law Firm)

The Impact of Surrogacy on Relationships

Talking about surrogacy to family & friends can be tough – and impossible for some. Many have inaccurate pre-conceptions about how surrogates are treated and what motivates them. Some infertile couples delay telling family and friends afraid of judgement or in case they are unsuccessful. Religious beliefs can complicate things. But without support, the emotional burden of surrogacy can be tough. This session draws on actual experience to illustrate the impact of surrogacy on relationships with partners, family and friends and how best to inform and empower those close to you

Moderator: Jane Ellis, DCN

Panellists: Neil McDonagh (UK),Shereen Jivraj (India) Jaz Nijjar (US)