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Event Date:  Saturday 20th October
Event Location:  Elite Hotel Stockholm Sankt Eriksgatan 115, 113 43 Stockholm, Sweden
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Icon Nordic Conference 20 Oct 2018
Timing Description

Surrogacy Options – Choosing a Country

Discusses the differences in surrogacy eligibility, expertise and practice in the US, Canada, Ukraine, Georgia, Greece & emerging markets like Kenya

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Understanding IVF Processes in Surrogacy – The Basics

Factors to Consider in Choosing A Surrogacy Agency

There are increasing choices and price points in regard to surrogacy agencies. Service levels, communication and surrogate screening can differ significantly How do you chose who to trust with your dream of a family?

How to Choose an IVF Clinic,

In the US IVF clinics are required to report success rates publicly and this can be a useful tool to assist decision-making. But in  many other countries, there is no reliable data on success rates. How then to choose who to entrust your precious embryos to?


Understanding Surrogacy Costs

Surrogate screening & matching

How are US surrogates screened? How does it differ compared to other countries? How are intended parents matched with a surrogate?

Common Questions Regarding Cross-Border Surrogacy

Surrogacy in Ukraine & Georgia

Important Factors in Choosing An Egg Donor

Altruistic Surrogacy 

Countries like Greece, Canada & UK allow only altruistic surrogacy. How does this differ from commercial surrogacy? What motivates altruistic surrogates? What are the limitations and rules around access for Scandinavians ?

Swedish Political Attitudes to Surrogacy

Summarises the legal status of surrogacy in Sweden & the changing attitudes of Swedish parliament

Administrative & Legal Processes for Surrogacy

Administrative and legal steps required and expected costs, before commencing, at birth and on return to Sweden to ensure legal parentage,

Anna Kullendorf + Swedish lawyers


Parent Panel

In-depth discussion & Q&A with Swedish parents who engaged i n US, Canada, Ukraine & Georgia detailing processes, costs, potential risks, what can go wrong and how to survive the unexpected hurdles

Surrogate Perspectives

Swedish, American and Canadian surrogates discuss their motivations, lives and dispel some of the myths around exploitation and informed consent