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Event Date:  Saturday 20th October
Event Location:   Stockholm, Sweden

Icon Nordic Conference 20 Oct 2018
Timing Description

The Future for Surrogacy Globally Click to view

As Sweden debates offering altruistic surrogacy to it citizens, a global expert in surrogacy practice discusses what altruistic surrogacy entails, how it currently differs from compensated, agency-supported surrogacy and what are the benefits and risks of each model for all parties.

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Understanding IVF Processes in Surrogacy Click to view

How long does it take; how does the IVF process work; what medical factors do you need to know; how to make informed choices; how to have a smooth and successful journey.  A session designed to provide a solid foundation for planning your journey.

Craig Reisser, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Surrogate Screening & Matching Click to view

How are US surrogates screened? How does it differ compared to other countries? How are international intended parents matched with a surrogate? Yaron supports couples on their journey to parenthood offering support and advise to international couples about surrogacy in the United States.

Yaron Avidan, Worldwide Surrogacy, US

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is booming as a surrogacy destination for heterosexual married couples given the legal recognition it offers. This session by Ukraine surrogacy expert Julia Osiyevska explains why, and provides an overview of how the Ukraine government is dealing with surrogacy, how surrogates are cared for , how to tell a good from a bad provider and what intended parents should look for when deciding on an agency

Julia Osiyevska, New Hope, Ukraine

Private Consultations on US or Canadian Surrogacy

Surrogates Own Experiences of Carrying a Baby 

As Sweden debates allowing altruistic surrogacy, this session brings together women from Denmark, the US, UK and Canada who have carried altruistically or (in the US case, compensated) to discuss their own families, their motivations for carrying for a loved one or stranger, the impact of surrogacy on them  and dispel some of the myths around exploitation.

Moderator: Anna Kullendorf

Panelists: Kate Fruin-Smith  (UK), Sara Fehrman (Canada), Pia Damm (Denmark) Carrie Ramoz (USA)