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Event Date:  Saturday 20th October
Event Location:  Elite Palace Hotel Stockholm Sankt Eriksgatan 115, 113 43 Stockholm, Sweden
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Free 20 minute private consultations are also available with nine different surrogacy experts through Sat 20th August: Craig Reisser (USA), Karen Synesiou (USA), Victoria Ferrara (USA); Carla Spencer (USA); Julia Osiyevska (Ukraine); Eduardo Afonso (Ukraine); Rosa Propato (Greece); Nir Keren (Canada); Alex McNab (Canada). Email heather@familiesthrusurrogacy.com to book in.

Icon Nordic Conference 20 Oct 2018
Timing Description

The Future for Surrogacy Globally 

As Sweden debates offering altruistic surrogacy to it citizens, a global expert in surrogacy practice discusses what altruistic surrogacy entails, how it currently differs from compensated, agency-supported surrogacy and what are the benefits and risks of each model for all parties.

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Understanding IVF Processes in Surrogacy – The Basics

How long does it take; how does the IVF process work; what medical factors do you need to know; how to make informed choices; how to have a smooth and successful journey.  A session designed to provide a solid foundation for planning your journey.

Craig Reisser, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Factors to Consider in Choosing A Surrogacy Agency

There are increasing choices and price points in regard to surrogacy agencies. Service levels, communication and surrogate screening can differ significantly. Karen is one of the world’s leading experts on surrogacy and runs one of the worlds oldest, highest quality agencies. She discusses what factors to consider in choosing who to trust with your dream of a family.

Karen Synesiou, Owner, Center for Surrogate Parenting USA

Surrogate Screening & Matching

How are US surrogates screened? How does it differ compared to other countries? How are international intended parents matched with a surrogate? Vicki Ferrara is both a fertility lawyer and agency owner based on the US East Coast and brings her wealth of experience to this topic

Victoria Ferrara, Worldwide Surrogacy, US


Surrogacy in Canada – Is it Viable?

A number of Canadian provinces allow foreigners to engage in surrogacy, whether they are single, gay or heterosexual. A small number of Canadian ‘agencies’ have worked around bans on ’matching IP and surrogates by charging for support rather than matching. Nir Keren illustrates the behind-the-scenes processes through new excerpts from a detailed Canadian documentary

Nir Keren, Create IVF, Canada

Surrogacy in Ukraine

Ukraine is booming as a surrogacy destination for heterosexual married couples given the legal recognition it offers. This session by Ukraine surrogacy expert Julia Osiyevska explains why, and provides an overview of how the Ukraine government is dealing with surrogacy, how surrogates are cared for , how to tell a good from a bad provider and what intended parents should look for when deciding on an agency

Julia Osiyevska, New Hope, Ukraine

Swedish Political Attitudes & Föreningen för surrogatmödraskap

Introduces the advocacy role of Föreningen för surrogatmödraskap and Summarises the legal status of surrogacy in Sweden & the changing attitudes of Swedish parliament

Moderator: Oscar Kjellberg

Panellists: Anna Kullendorf,  Föreningen för surrogatmödraskap, Barbro Westerholm,  Swedish Liberal People’s Party

The Logistics and Practice of Surrogacy in Greece

Greece is now open to surrogacy for foreigners if they are heterosexual couples or single women. Rosa Propato is one of the few surrogacy experts in Greece who specialises in assigning European couples to fulfil their dream. She explains the steps involved under Greece law, how surrogates are screened and the rules and availability of egg donors

Dr Rosa Propato, EmbryoClinic, Greece

Steps Required  in Surrogacy Processes

Intended parents need to understand the decision-making processes and choices in surrogacy . This session outlines the steps required for Swedes to assist you on this complex journey.

Anna Kullendorff, Surrogacy Sweden, Terese Rustas, Föreningen för surrogatmödraskap

Surrogates Own Experiences of Carrying a Baby 

As Sweden debates allowing altruistic surrogacy, this session brings together women from Denmark, the US, UK and Canada who have carried altruistically or (in the US case, compensated) to discuss their own families, their motivations for carrying for a loved one or stranger, the impact of surrogacy on them  and dispel some of the myths around exploitation.

Moderator: tbc

Panelists: Kate Fruin-Smith  (UK), Sara Fehrman (Canada), Pia Damm (Denmark) Carrie Ramoz (USA)



Understanding Surrogacy Costs

Often times Intended parents end up paying 50% more than what they thought they would. While its impossible to predict exactly, there are a range of expenses to factor into your journey. We believe you should be fully informed, so this session breaks the costs down into components, so you can understand the IVF costs, surrogate screening, legal costs, surrogate expenses, insurance, travel and other relevant costs

Panelists:  Karen Synesiou (Center for Surrogate Pareting, US) Carla Spencer (NorthWest Surrogacy), Eduardo Afonso (Tammuz Nordic)

Legal Protections for Surrogacy In North America

This session explains the protections and rights of surrogates, intended parents and children born via surrogacy under Canadian and US laws. It demonstrates what legal services Scandinvians need from the country they engage in, the costs and citizenship and passport rights for children born via Canadian or US surrogacy

Alex McNab, Moe Hannah, Canada, Victoria Ferrara, US

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Legal Issues Panel

Steps required at birth and on return to Sweden & other countries to ensure legal parentage

Markus Jolm Tyloskog (Sweden) Staffan Sorenson (Sweden)

Moderator: Anna Kullendorff


Parent Panel

The most popular session of the conference, this in-depth discussion & Q&A with Swedish parents who engaged in US, Russia, Ukraine & Canada  details processes, costs, potential risks, what can go wrong and how to survive the unexpected hurdles

Moderator: Oscar Kjellberg

Panelists: Ulf Klappe  (used US), Robert Katic (used Ukraine) Robert Holmgren (used Canada), Håkan Lindgren (used Russia)

Moderator: Oscar Kjellberg

Country Specific Break out sessions on Ukraine, US & Canadian  surrogacy

US: Parents: Ulf Klappe, Tanya Horowitz, Markus Tyslog, Craig Reisser Professionals: Karen Synesiou; Victoria Ferrara, Carla Spencer

Canada: Parent: Robert Holmgren Professionals: Nir Keren, Alex McNab, Sara Fehrman

Ukraine: Parents: Anna Kullendorf, Robert Katic Reza Mohamedi Professionals: Julia Osiyekska, Eduardo Afonso

Russia/Georgia: Parents: Terese Rustas, Håkan Lindgren