Why Is Customised Advice Helpful?

There is some feedback on providers we are not able to publish online or on our rating system owing to the risk of defamation. However we are able to communicate this on a fee-based consultancy basis.

You deserve to know the difference between greedy middlemen agents and service providers who are experienced, reliable and trustworthy.

Surrogacy laws, destinations, paperwork requirements and eligibility continue to change.

Increasingly intended parents are looking for

  • Objective advice about solutions for their budget
  • Realistic expectations in regard to costs, timeframes and pitfalls.
  • Advice regarding embryo export options
  • Advice regarding unethical operators, scams and risk assessment

Our parent-focused service can provide advice on

  • Uncompensated (altruistic) surrogacy in Mexico, Canada, UK, Australia or Greece
  • Compensated surrogacy in USA, Ukraine, Cambodia or Georgia

(Only service providers who have demonstrated high levels of service and care are recommended)

Fee-based consultancy

A:     A one hour Skype/phone consult                                                

B:     Skype consultation + detailed report customised to your needs     

Option B inclusions:

  • Takes into consideration your nationality, marital status and budget
  • Details the pros and cons of various pathways in terms of costs, timeframe, hurdles and legal issues
  • Details an optimal route based on your budget, visa and residency circumstances
  • Recommends trustworthy donor agencies, lawyers, migration agents, IVF providers, facilitators and surrogacy agencies
  • Explains which services you will need, which you wont and how much you should expect to pay
  • Estimates approximate likely net costs to help you budget
  • Provides referees for chosen service providers
  • Advice on how laws and policies in various jurisdictions affect your journey
  • Advice to give you the best chance of sourcing and screening a suitable surrogate if pursuing altruistic surrogacy

We have provided consults and detailed advice to over 140 singles and couples throughout the world, to help them navigate their journeys to parenthood safely and with confidence.

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