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Unbiased Advice and Insight from Parents & Professionals

Venue: Elite Palace Hotel, S:t Eriksgatan 115, Stockholm, Sweden

Start time: 9.00am. Concludes: 17.30pm

About: Scandinavia’s first alternative parenting conference focused on best practice in surrogacy. Run by a committee of Scandinavian parents via surrogacy, sessions will cover the logistics, risks and practicalities of surrogacy in Ukraine, Greece, US and Canada for heterosexual and gay intended parents. Speakers will include parents, IVF providers, lawyers and surrogacy agency professionals.

IconScandinavian Conference 12 August 2017
Timing Description


Surrogacy Options – Choosing a Country

A number of destinations once popular for surrogacy have closed, but many reliable options remain. this provides an introduction to available destination countries, legal frameworks,  cost differences & rationale for these, the pluses and minuses of different destinations

Choosing Surrogacy Providers

It’s one of your most important decisions, but what criteria are important in deciding on surrogacy service providers? How do you get reliable feedback from past clients? How reliable are client testimonials? What services should you expect? What services are not provided?

Surrogacy Journeys – What To Expect

What decisions need to be made and in what order? What steps are critical? What timelines should you expect? Provides a practical guide to help set and manage expectations. Useful do’s and donts, project management tips

Morning Tea & Networking

Understanding IVF Processes in Surrogacy – The Basics

Understanding the medical stages of pregnancy & what test results o expect at each is important. Intended parents also need to know what are the risks of miscarriage and how to increase success rates. So what tools are available to assess embryo quality? When is pre-genetic testing of embryos relevant? How does blastocyst culturing help? What should you expect in terms of fall off from early embryo to blastocyst stage.

Trends in Multi-national surrogacy

The logistics, legal issues, pros and cons of ‘hybrid’ surrogacy arrangements in US/Mexico, US/India  and Cyprus

Parent Panel

In-depth discussion & Q&A with parents detailing what to expect – processes, costs, potential risks, what can go wrong and how to survive the unexpected hurdles with parents via US, Greece, Ukraine and Canada


IVF Choices: A parents experience

Fresh or Frozen? Single or multiple embryo transfer – what are the risks? Gender Selection? These are just some of the important treatment decisions IPs may need to make.  Here one parents experience with these important questions and how the answers shaped his Surrogacy Journey.

Important Factors in Choosing An Egg Donor

Discusses what egg donor characteristics best predict success in regards to third party reproduction; how do US IVF clinics screen and manage donors; what medical considerations are relevant; issues in relation to bringing your own donor

Surrogacy Options in Eastern Europe

A parent through surrogacy in Ukraine and a Ukraine surrogacy provider discuss their experience of Eastern Europe options, legal issues, exit processes and practicalities

Gay Guys and Surrogacy

Gay men have a whole lot of new concepts to get their heads around when it comes to surrogacy – everything from approaching IVF clinics, egg donor selection & understanding IVF terminology. A crash course for gay singles and couples

Surrogate – IP relationships

How to ensure your match and relationship with your surrogate is a healthy one and thrives

Progressing Access to Domestic Surrogacy

Sweden’s National Council on Medical Ethics said altruistic surrogacy should be permitted, yet the Swedish task force examining surrogacy recommended in Feb 2016 that no types of surrogacy be allowed. Can governments really prevent surrogacy arrangements? This session summarises the latest developments


Legal Issues for Swedish Citizens & Other Nationalities

Do you need legal advice in your home country before engaging in surrogacy? Are surrogacy contracts legally binding in the US, Canada, Ukraine and/or Greece? What legal recognition do parents via surrogacy have in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland? Do you need to adopt children born via surrogacy? This session answers many of these questions

Embryo Testing & Transfer Decisions

what tools are available to assess embryo quality? When is pre-genetic testing of embryos relevant? What are the pros and cons?

Surrogate screening practices

Compares screening processes globally. How important is it? and why do these differ? Which countries use psychological testing instruments? How standardised are these? What proportion of potential surrogates who apply are accepted? Why does this differ?

Surrogacy Concierge Services

What is their role? What can you expect from them? What are the differences between different states and countries in their approach? Should Australia have such support services