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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Sam Everingham

FTS Director & Surrogacy Expert, Australia

Ben Sayer

Fertility Lawyer, Sayer Jones, Australia

Ruth Keat

IVF Nurse specialist, Life Fertility, Australia

Ella McNamara

International Client Liaison, Fertility Center of Las Vegas

Nir Keren

CreATE & Babies Come True, Canada

Charmaine Staal

Gestational surrogate, (QLD)

Charli Lee

Australian surrogate (QLD)

Mandy Woodbury-Martin

Gestational surrogate (QLD)

Kirsten Gammer

Surrogacy lawyer (WA)

Yannir Goldsmid

Owner, Lotus Surrogacy

Meet Our Parents and Surrogates Speaking

Andy Leonard

Parent via Canadian surrogacy (ACT, WA)

Felicity Kennedy

Parent via US (ACT)

Steve & Jen Dunne

Parents via Australia (ACT)

Amey Bencke

Australian surrogate (ACT)

Lauren Armstrong

Gestational Surrogate (ACT)

Renee Golland

Gestational surrogate (VIC)

Sarah Jefford

Traditional Surrogate (VIC)

Gabby Goldberg

Parent via USA (VIC)

Bree Miller

Gestational Surrogate (VIC)

Nicole Russell

Parent via Aust (VIC)

Christian & Juan Fernandez

Gay Dads via Mexico & Aust (NSW)

Daniela Meffert

Parent via Ukraine (NSW, QLD)

Megan Fry

Gestational surrogate (QLD)

Ellenor Mak

Parent via Ukraine (WA)

Ben Warner

Gad Dad via Aust surrogacy (QLD)

Andy Brough

Gay Dad via domestic (SA)

Shavone Schedewy

Gestational Surrogate (SA)

Amanda Bates

Parent via Australia (NSW)

Christabel Dundon

Parent via domestic (SA)

Simon Romeo

Gay Dad via Mexico (WA)

Trevor Dando

Parent via Ukraine (ACT, VIC)

Trina Dando

Parent via Ukraine (SA)

Doug Weller

Gay Dad via US (QLD)

Daniel Smith

Parent via USA (WA)

Scott Davison

Gay dad via Thailand & Aust (NSW)

Marian Sandberg

Parents via domestic surrogacy (SA)

Cass Lake

Gestational Surrogate (NSW)

Hillary Mitchell

Parent via Canada (VIC)

Robina Crook

Parent via Aust surrogacy (WA)

Caryn Crabb

Intended Parent via Canada (QLD)

Hayley Christidis

Gestational Surrogate, (WA)

Tabatha Dellar-Walmsley

Clinical Social worker, Surrogate (SA)

Michelle Griffin

Gestational Surrogate (WA)

Jade Collis

Gestational Surrogate (WA)

Simone Cureton

Australian Surrogate (SA)

Nadeen Laljee Curran

Parent via USA (Perth)