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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Sam Everingham

FTS Director & Surrogacy Expert

Craig Reisser

Internat Prog Co-ordinator, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Nir Keren

CreATE IVF & Babies Come True, Canada

Kate Pippia

Identilab DNA (QLD)

Dr Diana Obidniak

Fertility Specialist, Ava-Peter Clinic, Russia

Dana Magdassi

Lotus Surrogacy, Ukraine (NSW, WA, VIC)

Anna McKie

Support Manager, Surrogacy Australia (SA)

Alfonso Layson

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers (NSW, VIC, WA, ACT)

Sarah Bevan

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers (ACT, QLD)

Aboorva Sundar

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers (NSW, SA)

Meet Our Parents and Surrogates Speaking

Peter Gaunt

Gay dad via US (VIC & NSW)

Jesse Zischke

Dad via Aust surrogacy (QLD)

Glenn Trainor

Gay dad via Aust surrogacy (VIC)

Emmy Gwynne

Gestational surrogate (VIC)

Renee Wilson

Mum via Ukraine (VIC)

Christabel Dundon

Parent via domestic (SA)

John Thompson

Intended Parent via Ukraine (SA)

Brett Galvin

Dad via Canada (NSW)

Susan Gambale

Australian surrogate (QLD)

David Cocks

Dad via US surrogacy (QLD)

Hayley Christidis

Gestational Surrogate (WA)

Greg Chang

Dad via US surrogacy (WA)

Michael & Brendon Thomas

Dad via Canada (WA)

Felicity Kennedy

Parent via US (ACT)

Rachel Mustoe

Parent via Canada (VIC)

Marnie McIntyre

Gestational surrogate (NSW)

Agatha Labrinidis

Parent via Ukraine (SA)

Kristy Green

Parent via Aust surrogacy (ACT)

Olivia Whan

MUm via Ukraine (QLD)

Michelle Griffin

Gestational Surrogate (WA)

Clarissa Forster

Mum via Greece (VIC)

Frances Green

Mum via altruistic surrogacy (NSW)

Kyle Stewart

Dad via Canada (QLD)