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FTS fifth UK conference is aimed at the information and networking needs of prospective parents and surrogates. The one day event focuses on parent and surrogate feedback, as well as expert sessions on the medical, legal, logistics and psychological considerations of surrogacy in the UK & US. Sessions also provide insights and discussion of surrogacy in Canada, Russia and Kenya.

London Conference

etc Venues, Level 1, 155 Bishopsgate, Liverpool St, London

UK Conference 10 Mar 2018

IconLondon Surrogacy Seminar 10 March 2018
Timing Description

Surrogacy Options – The Current Landscape

Current trends, financial, legal and practical considerations

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy

Understanding IVF Processes in Surrogacy

Oregon Reproductive Medicine does a huge amount of surrogacy-related IVF each year, so are perfectly positioned to walk you through some essential issues for consideration in this most important component

Craig Reisser – ORM, Oregon, USA

Egg & Sperm Quality – Important Factors Predicting Success

You are asking much of your surrogate, so ensuring you have strong embryos to implant is crucial. Whether you are using your own or donor eggs, this session will clarify the factors that affect egg & sperm quality and what you and your team can do to give you best chances of success.

Dr Guy Ringler, California Fertility Partners, US

What has 27 years of Surrogacy Facilitation Taught Me About Best Practice?

In a world where many countries are struggling with the demand for surrogacy, what can the long-standing Californian model teach us about ideal surrogacy practice? Covers psychological screening and matching of surrogates and mental well-being.

Carol Weathers, Building Families, California


IVF Add-ons – What you really need

IVF clinic are increasingly offering a vast array of add-ons such as Pre-genetic testing, scratch tests, embryo ‘glue’ to regular IVF. But is there evidence that these provide any added benefit? An expert cuts through to provide the facts

Dr Said Daneshmand, San Diego Fertility Center, USA

Embryo Transfer Decisions

What are the relative success rates of single vs double embryo transfer? What are the risks? Are there differences in success if my embryos are frozen and transferred later? How does shipping and thawing affect embryo quality and loss rates?

Parent Panel

gay and heterosexual couples who successfully engaged  in the UK, Canada, US or Eastern Europe share their experiences, the ups and downs and their recommendations for those considering the same journey. Includes audience Q&A

Panelists: David Gonzales


The Perfect Fit – Surrogate – IP matching

The role of agencies in ensuring a good match between Surrogates and Intended Parents. How to ensure your relationship is a healthy one and thrives

Kathryn Kaycoff-Manos, Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, Calif, Ruth Arrington, Creative Family Connections, USA

Surrogate Panel

Matching– what are the important issues? what qualities are needed? Support during pregnancy and after.  likely hurdles; IP relationships Looking after the needs of each party; the merits of traditional vs gestational surrogacy, carrying for a stranger; managing expectations; can we work together? family members as surrogates

Surrogacy Agreements & Contracts

Are they mandatory? Are they enforceable? How does this differ in the UK vs other countries? To what extent is the surrogate and/or the commissioning parent protected in each scenario? What elements need to be included in such documents?

Moderator: tbc

Panelists: Paula Mahan, California

Panelists: TBC

Surrogacy in Emerging Destinations

A panel of surrogacy professionals discusses the logistics, challenges and trends they are seeing in emerging surrogacy destinations such as Kenya & Russia. Who is eligible? How are surrogates recruited and screened? What legal protections and rights exist to protect various parties?

Panelists: Winnie Maina, Family Fertility, Sergey Malozemov, Nemama, Russia

Practical issues in sourcing an Egg Donor for UK surrogacy

Where to go, waiting times, accessing donors of different races.


Who Qualifies to be a surrogate?

there is inconsistency in UK IVF clinic policy on this issue. Panel discusses and compares guidelines in the UK, US and other countries



Guidelines for Domestic Surrogacy

The UK government is currently finalising a set of guidelines to assist its citizens. This session summarises the key points

Child Outcomes & Disclosure

How should I tell my child their ‘creation’ story and when? What relationship do they have with their donor if any? These young adults born via surrogacy advise IPs on what the dos and donts are when raising surrogacy-formed families.

Impact of Surrogacy on surrogates own families

Husbands and children of surrogates discuss the impact on them and their relationships with the children their partner/mother carried for someone else

Family Outcomes research

Parental Orders following Surrogacy

Who goes on Birth Certificates?. How are parental rights of the surrogate relinquished?

How does this differ for domestic vs international surrogacy? What sort of court hearing is required? What are the costs?