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Seminar series for current and prospective parents and surrogates to network and learn more about options in the UK, US, Canada & Ukraine. Parent and surrogate panels a feature.


IconLondon Surrogacy Seminar 26 Nov 2017
Timing Description

Overview of Surrogacy Options  (Click to view)

Explores the legal, cost, eligibility, risk management and timeline issues for surrogacy destinations globally, including hybrid programs and changes in the last year.

Neil McDonagh, Families Through Surrogacy

Deciding On an IVF Clinic (click to view)

Juan is the father of two year old twins via surrogacy. He provides a parents real-life perspective on what he learned about  clinic success rates, factors to consider in selecting a provider and decisions around egg donors, embryo transfers as well as budgeting. Juan will also discusses the possibilities & limitations in regard to embryo shipping.

Juan Tecles CT Fertility

Parent Panel

Local parents who successfully engaged in surrogacy in UK, Canada & US share their experiences, the ups and downs and their recommendations for those considering the same journey. Includes audience Q&A

Moderator: Matt Griffin-Young

Panelists: Donnacha Hayes (SUK); Hannah Bailey (used Canada), Johnny Nash (used US), Leyla Hutchings (SUK)

Tea Break

Surrogate –IP Matching

Circle Surrogacy has been matching intended parents and surrogates for decades and their experience shows in the relationships that develop.  Brett Griffin-Young will detail how best practice screening and matching works in the US, what makes a good surrogate/intended parent match and how to ensure your surrogacy journey is as hassle free as possible.

Brett Griffin-Young, Circle Surrogacy

Surrogacy Options in Canada

A Canadian documentary sheds new light on how Canadians are increasingly helping foreigners to create a family. What makes these more affordable? What are the key differences to surrogacy in the US or UK? Illustrates surrogate-parent relationships

Nir Keren, Create IVF, Canada

Surrogacy Options in Eastern Europe (click to view)

in Ukraine surrogacy has been legal for foreigners as long as they are married heterosexuals since 2000. In just a few year since the closure of SE Asia to surrogacy, Ukraine has become the new centre of affordable surrogacy. Its medical expertise is high  and its proximity to western Europe has seen rising demand. Transferring funds into Ukraine has long been problematic, but international agencies like Tammuz have now solved this issue. Roy Youldous  provides an overview of Ukraine’s legal and medical eligibility requirements and guidance around exit processes and other practicalities

Roy Youldous, Tammuz Family

Surrogate Perspectives

A panel of UK surrogates (host and gestational; agency and independent) who have completed journeys discuss what they look for in Intended Parents before ‘matching’, their experience of IVF and legal processes, other support networks as well as relationships with intended parents and their own families during and after surrogacy arrangements


Legal Issues for UK Citizens (Click to view)

Answers some of the trickier legal questions in regard to surrogacy agreements, expense payments and parental orders in UK and international surrogacy. Also deals with the issue of parents with different nationalities

Andrew Spearman, A City Law Firm

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