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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Complimentary One on One Consultations are available with our Surrogacy Experts during the conference. To book your session send an email to the speaker of your choice, details below.

Dr Ashim Kumar

Medical Director, Western Fertility, USA

Dr John Hesla

Fertility Specialist, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA

Adrienne Black

Agency Director, Heart to Hands Surrogacy

Dr Sandy Chuan

IVF Physician, San Diego Fertility Center

Ben Sayer

Fertility Lawyer, Sayer Jones, Australia

Dr Bronwyn Devine

Medical Director, Monash IVF, Australia

Brad Spencer

Owner, Same Love Surrogacy, USA

Yannir Goldsmid

Owner, Lotus Surrogacy

Renee Golland

Gestational surrogate (VIC)

Robin Newman

Founder, Global Egg Donors, USA

Katrina Hale

Fertility Counsellor, NSW

Louise Riding

Surrogacy Operations Ilaya, Ukraine

Dr Markus Nitschke

IVF Director, Lotus Fertility, Spain


Carla Pincombe

Egg Donation Australia moderator

Janet Giddings

Parent via Ukraine

Rebecca Kalpakoff

Intended parent via Ukraine

Kath Wood

Gestational Surrogate

Sascha Costigan

Traditional Surrogate

Karen Mills

Secretary, Surrogacy Australia

Mark Davidson

Gay dad via US surrogacy

Richard Pring

Partner of Australian surrogate

Cass Lake

Gestational Surrogate

Sarah Jefford

Traditional Surrogate (VIC)

Ben Warner

Gad Dad via Aust surrogacy

Michael Vriens

Partner of surrogate

Adam Haysom-McDowell

Gay Dad via Australian surrogacy

Shannon Garner

Gestational surrogate & author (NSW)

Charmaine Staal

Gestational surrogate, (QLD)

Amanda Bates

Parent via Australia (NSW)

Bree Miller

Gestational Surrogate (VIC)

Shavone Schedewy

Gestational Surrogate (SA)

Steve & Jen Dunne

Parents via Australia

Amanda Meehan

Traditional surrogate

Rachel Mustoe

Parent via Canada