About Families Through Surrogacy

Families Through Surrogacy is a consumer-based non-profit organisation focused on bringing together surrogates, intended parents and families through surrogacy to network, share their stories and stay informed about best practice in surrogacy arrangements.

It supports intended parents who are planning on, or who are already parents via surrogacy arrangements.

Our Awesome Team

  • Neil & his partner are Dads via UK altruistic surrogacy. Neil lives in Belfast and looks after Families Through Surrogacy’s UK and Ireland conference and seminars schedules, including relationships with sponsors, speakers and panelists

    Neil McDonagh - Events Manager, UK & Ireland

  • Sam is the founder of Families Through Surrogacy. He and his partner have two girls born via international surrogacy in 2011. Sam has been involved in family formation journeys for over five years. He established the not-for-profit organisation Surrogacy Australia in 2010, which quickly became Australia’s go-to resource for media, government and intended parents. Sam maintains diverse global networks with surrogacy researchers, families, agencies, donor banks and reproductive specialists. He has been a regular media commentator.

    Sam Everingham - Global Director

    +61 411 871 800 (AU)
  • Heather has an extensive background in marketing and events with a passion for developing partnerships and solutions. Working with sponsors, partners and event execution teams are some of Heather’s areas of expertise.  She also brings a wealth of knowledge in social media, direct marketing and end-to-end campaign management. She works Wednesday – Friday each week.

    Heather Eady - Marketing & Events Manager