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Unbiased Advice and Insight from Parents & Professionals

2-3 June 2018   Sydney Masonic Center, 66 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 

Icon Australian Seminar Series 2-3 June 2018
Timing Description
Icon Australian Seminar Series 3 June 2018
Timing Description

A Best Practice Framework for Australian Surrogacy (click to view)

Surrogacy Australia launches their ‘ideal’ framework, the evidence it is based on and a strategy for influencing government to adopt the recommendations

Karen Mills, Secretary, Surrogacy Australia

The Basics of Australian Altruistic Surrogacy (click to view)

Surrogate and surrogacy lawyer Sarah Jefford discusses the overall process of Australian surrogacy (IVF, counselling, legals) including allowed compensation and likely timelines. Australian surrogate forum moderator Anna McKie discusses how to find an Australian surrogate #101. Is Australian surrogacy the path for us?

Sarah Jefford & Anna McKie

The Legal Framework for Surrogacy in Australia

Ben Sayer has become one of the countries most proficient lawyers for domestic surrogacy arrangements. Australian legal processes for surrogacy can be frustrating, unless you understand them. This presentation guides you through the legal requirements and eligibility for Australian surrogacy state-by state, to provide you with a great grounding in this area

Ben Sayer, Sayer Jones, Melbourne


Managing Communication between Intended Parents, Surrogates and IVF Professionals

Through lack of availability at home, many Australians engage in surrogacy far distant from their own cities. This can require particular efforts to ensure communication between you, your surrogate, IVF clinic and surrogacy agency are clear and communications not misunderstood. A panel of experts discusses what they do behind the scenes and what you can do.

Moderator: Sam Everingham

Panelists:  Louise Riding, Ilaya Clinic, Ella McNamara, Fertility Center of Las Vegas


The  Counselling Process (click to view)

Two of Australia’s most popular surrogacy psychologists  discuss relationships between surrogate, her partner and the intended parent . This session covers building relationships; what counselling should cover; what the counsellor is looking for,; preparing yourself; potential impact on family members; Potential red flags in the matching process; and resolving disputes. Includes audience Q&A

Katrina Hale, Miranda Montrone

Intended Parent Panel

Those currently navigating surrogacy journeys in Australia and overseas discuss what led them to surrogacy, the obstacles, heartaches, joys and how and where they find support

Moderator: Ella McNamara

Panelists:  Rebecca Kalpakoff (Ukraine) John M (US) Kevin S (Australia), Costa Loucopoulos (Canada)

Research with Australian Surrogates and Parents (click to view)

Based on interviews with Australian surrogates and intended mothers, the session explore relationships between parties, their respective motherhood identities. Sheds light on factors that may influence a positive or negative relationship outcome. What can you plan and look out for to nurture this relationship? How can you navigate expense reimbursement in the absence of agencies?

Alice Aickin, Swinburne University, Victoria

Men in the Middle Panel

Partners of surrogates and partners of mums throough surrogacy  discuss coping when your partner won’t give up; adjusting to your partner carrying for someone else; how they manage relationships, finances and their sanity

Moderator: Hayley Christidis

Panelists: Richard Pring, Mick Vriens, Steve Dunne

Surrogate Panel: After Birth Emotions

What post natal emotions should surrogates expect; Coming to terms with mental vs hormonal conflicts; dealing with loneliness, post-natal depression and feelings of abandonment. Surrogates discuss ongoing relationships and reflect on their journeys.

Moderator: Katrina Hale

Panelists: Sascha Costigan, Shavone Schedewy, Shannon Garner, Kath Wood