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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Complimentary One on One Consultations are available with our Surrogacy Experts during the conference. To book your session send an email to the speaker of your choice, details below.

Sam Everingham

FTS Director & Surrogacy Expert

Stewart Dalley

Fertility Lawyer. Ryken & Associates (NZ)

Damien Chambers

Aust Manager, Tammuz Family (NSW, VIC)

Brian Yaden

Managing Director, Miracle Surrogacy

Dr Dean Morbeck

Scientific Director, Fertility Associates NZ

Renee Golland

Client Admin Manager, Lotus Ukraine (NSW, VIC)

Katrina Hale

Fertility Counsellor, NSW

Alfonso Layson

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers (NSW, VIC,)

Lucy Thomas

Family & Surrogacy Lawyer (WA)

Dr Lucy Williams

Medical Director, Concept Fertility (WA)

Mel Holman

Egg Donor, EDA founder (QLD)

Narelle Dickinson

Clinical Psychologist (QLD)

Sarah Bevan

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers (VIC)

Tamara Pick

Birthing Doula (QLD)

Isabella Calero

Child via traditional surrogacy NSW)


Charmaine Staal

Gestational surrogate, (QLD)

Simon Romeo

Dad via Mexico (all cities)

Kyle Stewart

Dad via Canada (QLD)

Dwayne Jude

Dad via gestational surrogacy (QLD)

Dale & Lou Pitcher

Parents via Ukraine (QLD)

Stuart Beard

Dad via traditional surrogacy (NZ)

Christian Newman

Dad via gestational surrogacy (NZ)

Petar Stamef

Dad via US Surrogacy (NZ)

Louise Farrant

Mum via US Surrogacy (NZ)

Amanda Macleod

Surrogate & Egg Donor (NZ)

Hayley Christidis

Gestational Surrogate (WA)

Rebecca Kalpakoff

Parent via Ukraine (WA)

Mark Lovich

Parent via Georgia (WA)

Novi Lim

Egg Donor & IP (WA)

Daniel Tracy

Dad via US (WA)

Carla Pincombe

Egg Donor & EDA moderator (VIC)

Michael Colling

Dad via US (VIC)

Henry Leggett

Dad via domestic surrogacy (VIC)

Katie Rattigan

Mum via Ukraine (VIC)

Angela McCamish

Egg Donor (NZ)

Sascha Costigan

Traditional Surrogate (NSW)

Shane Woods

Gay dad via US (NSW)

Rebecca Newson

Parent via Ukraine (NSW)

Donna Adams

Traditional surrogate (NZ)

Ashley Ford

Egg Donor (NSW)

Brendan McQuiggan

Dad via Aust (NSW)