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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Complimentary One on One Consultations are available with our Surrogacy Experts during the conference. To book your session send an email to the speaker of your choice, details below.

Steven Snyder

Fertility Law Attorney, Snyder LawUSA

Sam Everingham

FTS Director & Surrogacy Expert

Craig Reisser

Internat Prog Co-ordinator, ORM Fertility, USA

Kate Pippia

Director, Identilab DNA (QLD)

Sarah Bevan

Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers

Dr Ioannis Giakoumakis

Director, Mediterranean Fertility Institute, Greece

Sophie Ukleba

Patient Co-ordinator New Life Georgia

Kate Bourne

Counsellor & Chair, ANZICA

Evie Kendall

Bioethicist, Faculty of Health, Deakin Uni

Lefteris Patlamazoglou

Psychologist, Monash University


Felicity Kennedy

Surrogacy Australia Rep & parent via US

Hillary Mitchell

Parent via Canada

Clarissa Forster

Mum via Greece (TAS)

Rebecca Newson

Parent via Ukraine (NSW)

Kim Hindmarsh

Mum via Ukraine (VIC)

Matt Mills

Young Adult via Surrogacy

Morgan Rennie

Young adult via OS Surrogacy

Simon Romeo

Dad via Mexico

Clint Priest

Single dad via USA

Rocco Luppino

Dad via Kenya

Gabby Goldberg

Parent via USA (VIC)

Stacie Ludlow

Gestational Surrogate, USA

Ethan Chiang-Cruise

Twelve yr old via US Surrogacy