Surrogacy in Australia

Surrogacy Laws in Australia are administered at a State level and there are wide variations in what types of surrogacy arrangements allowed in various states.

For those intending to conduct their surrogacy in Australia, Altruistic Surrogacy is available in all states for heterosexual couples.

Gay couples resident in Queensland, Victoria and NSW are able to access altruistic surrogacy in Australia.

Compensated surrogacy (where the surrogate is paid more than expenses) is not allowed in any state of Australia.

Additionally, Overseas Commercial Surrogacy is banned for residents of NSW, QLD and ACT.

Connecting with A Surrogate

Those seeking a surrogate should understand that paid advertising for such is not permitted in Australia. As a result, searches tend to be word-of-mouth or via socila media. Intended Parents who do not have a friend or family member who is able to carry for them often meet and connect with surrogates through social media Groups and Forums. Some of the forums and groups to consider joining are

FTS Facebook Group (closed group, screened entry, unmoderated)

Altruistic Surrogacy Australia forum – Moderated

DIY searching for a surrogate is akin to online (followed by face-to-face) datng. Do not agree to progress a potential relationship until you have met the woman in question as well as her children and support networks.

Surrogate Screening

Most women of childbearing age do not have the psychological capacity to carry a child for someone else without experiencing psychological distress. However there is a type of woman who has the ability to do this without experiencing such stress. Such women have often donated their eggs previously.

You are strongly encouraged only to consider as potential surrogates women who

  • Have evidence ofproblem-free pregnancies
  • Have completed their own family
  • Are financially stable
  • Have strong social and emotional supports around them

Engaging with an experiencing fertilility counsellor in this area (See Surrogacy Professionals section) can greatly assist you with screening.

Surrogate Support

Surrogates gain support during their attempts to get pregnant and their pregnancies through

  • Social Media support forums designed specifically for surrogates (Contact for details)
  • Support from their intended parents
  • Support from their own partner & family