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Six city seminar series, taking in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Canberra, Adelaide

Australian Seminar Series Nov 2018

Timing Description

Surrogacy Options & Considerations (Download)

A summary of Key Issues for getting started, legal options, costs, timelines, typical problems, stabilising factors and most importantly outcomes for children

Sam Everingham, Families Through Surrogacy


Understanding IVF Processes in Surrogacy – The Basics (Download)

How long does it take; how does the IVF process work; what medical factors do you need to know; how to make informed choices; how to have a smooth and successful journey.  A session designed to provide a solid foundation for planning.

Craig Reisser, Oregon Reproductive Medicine, USA


Legal Issues for Australians in Surrogacy (Download)

This session details issues to consider in regard to surrogacy agreements, birth certificates, legal parentage, wills and legal considerations in cross-border arrangements for those considering domestic and international surrogacy.

Alfonso Layson & Sarah Bevan, Sarah Bevan Family Lawyers


Surrogacy in Russia (Download)

Who is eligible? What are the laws? What experience does Russia have of surrogacy? What are the IVF success rates? What kind of women become surrogates? In what cities is surrogacy available. Fertility specialist Diana Obidniak from Russia’s oldest private IVF  clinic provides an overview

Dr Diana Obidniak, Ava-Peter Clinic, St Petersburg



DNA Testing for Australian Citizenship Purposes (Download)

It’s a necessity when undertaking surrogacy in countries like Ukraine, Georgia and Russia. Identilab are an Australian leader in DNA testing and specialise in surrogacy-related cases. Kate talks through the best way to streamline testing to meet the requirements of Australian citizenship processes

Kate Pippia, Identilab


Parent Panel

Australian parents who have utilised surrogacy in Australia, US, Ukraine, Greece or Canada (both gay and heterosexual) discuss their experiences, the ups and downs, how they coped and what they’d recommend for other intended parents

Moderator: Sam Everingham



Surrogacy Australia Support Service (View video)

This month Surrogacy Australia launches a new program to assist in screening and introducing both intended parents and surrogates for altruistic surrogacy. An introductory video explains the program and what is involved

Anna McKie, Surrogacy Australia


Surrogate Experiences

In the absence of agency support, Australian surrogacy can be tough on the surrogate and her own family, as well as intended parents. Hormones, family demands and endless appointments can affect everyone’s emotions. In this session surrogates share their own experiences of carrying altruistically.