The following countries allow specified types of surrogacy within their own jurisdictions. Where surrogacy is not allowed within a country, citizens of that country with a need will often engage in surrogacy in a country which does allow it (International/ Cross Border Surrogacy)

Australia residents only
Canada (some provinces)   locals & foreigners
Georgia  Locals and heterosexual foreign couples
Greece  Locals and heterosexual foreign couples
Hong Kong  Yes
India Residents only  residents only
Israel  resident heterosexuals only
Kenya (unregulated) Locals and foreigners    Yes
Mexico (unregulated) Locals and foreigners yes
New Zealand  residents only
Nigeria  Resident heterosexuals only  residents only
Russia Locals and heterosexual married foreigners
South Africa residents only
United Kingdom residents only
 Ukraine Locals and heterosexual married foreigners
(California, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia)
Locals and foreigners yes

Countries in which no jurisdictions allow ‘in-country’ surrogacy

COUNTRY Prohibited
Austria X
China X
France X
Germany X
Italy X
Norway X
Sweden X
Switzerland X

What recognition will my government grant children through cross-border surrogacy citizenship?

COUNTRY Citizenship Legal Parental Status
Austria No
Australia Yes, awarded prior to exit from source country, based on DNA link No
China  No  No
Germany If a single surrogate is used  If a single surrogate is used
Italy No
Nigeria Yes
Switzerland No
Sweden Yes, social services starts an investigation with the district court . Takes months for biological parent to become legal guardian. other parent files for adoption
 UK  Yes Yes, via an application to High Court within 6 mnths of birth
USA Yes, awarded prior to exit from
source country,