Families Through Surrogacy was set up by parents via surrogacy to help others on this journey

Everybody’s circumstances are different. You may be a couple with different nationalities. You may have embryos you need to transport. You may have an egg donor but not a surrogate. You may want to bring your egg donor with you, or create your embryos in one country, but complete surrogacy in another. Surrogacy may be something you are planing for two years hence, or it may be your last avenue after repeated failed IVF. Different providers suit different people.


Over the past six years, we have provided detailed advice to over 400 singles and couples from many nations to help them navigate their journeys to parenthood safely and with confidence.

Why Is Customised Expert Surrogacy Advice Advisable?

Surrogacy is a complex area and you deserve to know everything involved. Too often intended parents engage without full awareness of the risks and how to manage them.

Some feedback on providers we are not able to publish online owing to risks of defamation. However we are able to communicate such feedback one-on-one.

Surrogacy laws, destinations, paperwork requirements and eligibility continue to change.

What sort of Surrogacy Can we Advise On?

  • Uncompensated (altruistic) surrogacy in Canada, UK, Australia or Greece
  • Compensated surrogacy in USA, Ukraine, Georgia, Mexico, Russia, Columbia or Kenya

Often client reports will include details on surrogacy options in two or more jurisdictions. Only service providers who have demonstrated high levels of service and care are recommended.

A:     Skype consultation + detailed report customised to your needs     AU800/US560/£435/€500


  • Takes into consideration your nationality, marital status, medical history, sexuality, risk profile and budget
  • Pros and cons of various pathways in terms of costs, timeframes, hurdles and legal issues
  • Details an optimal route for your personal circumstances
  • Explains which services you will need, which you wont and how much you should expect to pay
  • Feedback on trustworthy IVF providers, surrogacy agencies,  lawyers and other required professionals
  • Estimates realistic costs to help you budget
  • Guidelines in selecting egg donors (where required) to maximise success
  • Parent referees for chosen service providers
  • Advice on how laws in various jurisdictions affect your eligibility
  • Tools to give you the best chance of sourcing and screening a suitable surrogate if pursuing altruistic surrogacy
  • Detailed advice on citizenship, passport & parentage issues
  • Tips on travel, accommodation & in-country support
  • Advice on reliable embryo & gamete shipment companies & paperwork requirements
  • Personalised introductions to trusted providers
  • A plan B option if required
  • One hour follow-up support

B:     One hour Skype/phone/face-to-face consult                                                                                                   AU190/US145/ £110 / €125   

  1. A consultation to help you decide if domestic or overseas surrogacy is best fit and show you how to engage with altruistic surrogates (Australia only)
  2. An expert session to answer all your questions and concerns about surrogacy options either domestically or abroad, including advice on recommended providers, eligibility, support and logistics

C:     Country Exit & Citizenship Support (for Australian, New Zealand, UK, Irish and German citizens only).   AU500/ £280 / €310

Ensuring you are prepared with the correct forms, statutory declarations and processes can make your return home following overseas surrogacy a stress-free, rather than anxiety-provoking experience. This service provides step-by step guidance in respect to gaining citizenship, passports and/or other travel documents and parental orders to facilitate your return home. For Australians, this service also includes essential information on legal parentage, registration for Medicare, Centrelink benefits, Maternal health visits and Immunisations


Payments can be made by direct debit, international funds transfer or Paypal

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