Exit Process

The surrogate must be Mexican and resident in Tabascoat the time of birthAfter birth it takes approximal 1-2 days to register the baby according mexican law in Tabasco. It takes about 3 days in addition to get a Mexican passoport for your child. Your child will be immunised during the week after birth. Mexican Airlines do not allow flying with a baby who is below 8 days old.

Any child born via surrogacy is a Mexican citizen and the intended parents names can be included on the birth certificate. The surrogate must be Mexican and resident in Tabasco. As a Mexican citizen such children area also entitled to a Mexican passport. However this will be difficult to obtain for same-sex parents.

The Registro de Civil in Tabasco will want to interview your surrogate, her family and yourselves What is most important to Mexico in this process is that their citizens are not being taken advantage of nor are they taking advantage of others. The Registro de Civil must service the best interest of all parties- especially the child(ren) being born.

You will have to demonstrate you engaged in Altruistic surrogacy. This will mean providing receipts, showing how you calculated daily living expenses and how your surrogate received the funds.

Depending on your origin you may need to fly to your embassy with the baby for DNA testing. Some nations don´t have to do DNA testing