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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Nir Keren

CreATE IVF & Babies Come True, Canada

Guy Tatsa

Founder, BabyBloom

Dr Rosa Propato

EmbryoClinic, Greece

Tracy Horan

Tracy Horan & Co, Ireland

Lucy Fallon

Irish Mum via Ukraine (Dublin)

Robert Gilmour

SKO Family Specialist Lawyers, Scotland

Kim Cotton

Surrogate and Founder, COTS

Hannah Bailey

Parent via Canada (London & Edinburgh)

Chris Dreyfus-Gibson

Parent via Canada (London)

Stacy Owen

Parent via Ukraine (London)

Mandy Ross Chisholm

Mum via local surrogacy (Edinburgh)

Udi Keisary-Jones

Gay Dad via USA (London only)

Sarah Bentley

Parent via UK surrogacy (London)

Liron Nathan-Levo

Dad via US surrogacy (Dublin & Edinburgh)

Claire Kelly

Host Surrogate (Edinburgh)