We don’t shy away from the difficult questions

What Do We Do?

We run best-practice conferences focused on bringing together intended parents, families through surrogacy and experts in the field. This is supported by website resources, closed Facebook groups (only for parents and surrogates), expert webinars and quarterly enewsletters.

Our Mission

To develop a global community of well informed intended parents through surrogacy who have confidence in the decisions they make.

Our Difference

We focus on parents, surrogates and childrens’ own experiences & stories. We cover not just expensive US options, but independent surrogacy and affordable international surrogacy.

Why Consumer Conferences?

Surrogacy is becoming a vital means of family formation for many infertile and gay singles and couples. However it is easy to get confused by the options available, burned by hidden costs, and have your hopes dashed by unscrupulous operators.

Surrogacy laws and regulations at a state and national level are in constant flux. Intended parents have a need for reliable information, advice and connections on a journey which will have far-reaching consequences.