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Icon Hong Kong - Sunday 8th September.
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Overview of Third-Party Reproduction Options

One of the globe’s leading experts on surrogacy and egg donor options and eligibility provides a guide to the choices available, the pros and cons of each and the experiences of parents who engage in local and cross-border arrangements to help them create family

Sam Everingham, Director, Growing Families

Success Rates, Risks and Guarantees

Good quality embryos are a key factor in determining the success or failure of IVF. While the US publishes auditted success rates by clinic, most other countries do not. Learn which measures to use to interpret success rates, and which factors can impact on embryo quality. What sort of risks do you need to consider? Some agencies and clinics offer ‘guarantee packages. What are they guaranteeing and are they worth the extra dollars?

Craig Reisser, ORM Fertility USA

Surrogate Screening, Matching & Relationships – USA

The US applies very strict screening criteria to surrogate applicants, to ensure they are medically and psychologically suited. Learn what these are, why they are important, and the criteria by which surrogates and intended parents are matched under the US model. Understand communication and relationship expectations of surrogates during pregnancy and post-birth.

Lauri De Brito, Agency for Surrogacy Solutions, California

Surrogate Screening, Matching & relationships – Ukraine

In the last few years, the number of agencies & IVF clinics in Ukraine catering to foreigners has increased enormously. While the country has strict eligibility criteria for intended parents, success rates are impressive. Nadiia Melenevska is from one of Ukraine’s most experienced and long-running IVF clinics providing support to clients requiring egg donation or surrogacy. She explains Ukraine processes, eligibility and what to look for in providers.

Nadiia Melenevska, IVMed, Kiev, Ukraine

Surrogate Screening, Matching & relationships – Russia

Russia is one of only a handful of countries which have legal protections for foreigners engaging in surrogacy, including a legal transfer of parentage. Russian lawyer Konstantin Svitnev explains the Russian system, what sort of women work as donors and surrogates and what kind of relationships surrogates expect from the couples they carry for.

Konstantin Svitnev, Rosjur Consulting, Russia

The Greek Surrogacy & Egg Donor Model

Greece has had altruistic surrogacy available to foreigners for some years now and increasing numbers are engaging there. Some consider the legal transfer of parentage world’s best practice, as it occurs prior to first embryo transfer. Learn about eligibility based on age and marital status, birth certificates and the rules around egg donors and embryos from Greece’s most experienced IVF professional in relation to third party reproduction

Dr Ioannis Giakomakis, Mediterranean Fertility Institute, Chania, Greece


Citizenship & Legal Parentage under Hong Kong law

Hong Kong has legal recognition of altruistic surrogacy and there has recently been a High Court judgment in relation to recognition of parenthood following compensated US surrogacy. Senior Counsel and legal academic Johannes Chan has played a key role in such cases. He provides an overview of the legal process in Hong Kong.

Johannes Chan SC, University of Hong Kong


Parent Panel

Local parents, both gay and heterosexual, share their experiences and learnings in relation to decision-making, disclosure to friends and family, donor eggs and surrogacy processes and costs to help you set realistic expectations.

Moderator: TBC

Panelists: TBC

Surrogate & Donor Perspectives

Egg donors and surrogates provide their perspectives on their motivations for carrying a child for strangers