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Meet Our World-Class Surrogacy Experts

Sam Everingham

FTS Director & Surrogacy Expert

Dr Attanasio Garavelas Greece

Garavelas Medical Group – partner at Io Life (London)

Stephanie Scott, USA

Program Director, Simple Surrogacy (London & Dublin)

Dr Jerald Goldstein, USA

Medical Director, Fertility Specialists of Texas (London, Dublin)

Katerina Araboglidou

International Support Director, Garavelas Medical Group (London)


Psychologist, Growing Generations (London)

Tracy Horan

Tracy Horan & Co, (Dublin)

Dr Elias Tsakos, Greece

Medical Director, EmbryoClinic, (Dublin)

Harjit Sarang

Director, Surrogacy Lawyers (London)

Nadiia Melenevska

Head of Internat Dept, IVMed, Ukraine (Dublin)

Maureen O’Halloran

Parent via Ukraine (London)

Richard Scarlett

Parent via US (London)

Richard Shawyer

Dad via USA (London & Dublin)

Audrey Kealy

Mum via Ukraine (Dublin)

John Furlong

Gay Dad via local surrogacy (Dublin)

Ciara Merrigan

Mum via Ukraine (Dublin)

Dustin Lance Black

Screenwriter & Dad via US (London)