Service Providers Georgia

It can be helpful to engage an experienced surrogacy agency who can be your main point of contact as you deal with health professionals and other stakeholders from a number of jurisdictions. These providers have significant experience

Service Provider Name Service Provided City Email Contact Notes
Center for Parenting by Surrogacy Surrogacy Agency Israel Ada Atias Israeli-based social workers who run a Georgia-based program using ReproArt for IVF processes
Georgian-British Center for Donation & Reproduction  Surrogacy Agency Tbilisi Kakhaber Khachidze
Poor reports, poor surrogate screening
Surrogacy & Donation Center Egg Donor and surrogacy agency Tbilisi Natia Devdariani provide gamete donation programs including donor sperm, donor eggs and Surrogacy
New Life Georgia Surrogacy Agency Sophie Ukleba Competitively priced, long experience
 Happy Family Surrogacy Agency Tblisi Levan Matsiashvili  
 ReproArt (Georgian-American Reproductive Center) IVF Provider Tbilisi Tamari Kachlishvili English speaking staff, expanding into new premises Jan 2019. Large operation, friendly
IVF Georgia IVF Provider Tbilisi Nana Kvernadze  40-45% success rate. Organised and quick communication. English speaking staff. Used by New Life Georgia
ChaChava Clinic  IVF Provider & Surrogacy Agency Tbilisi  Tatiana & Dr Keti
 Four years doing full service surrogacy, egg donation and IVF. Respond quickly to emails. Well priced
In Vitro Georgia IVF Provider & surrogacy agency Tbilisi Alexander Tsereteli consultations available via Viber or Whatsapp.  All the IVF doctors speak English and Russian.  Very friendly environment and highly qualified staff who do regular training in France and Israel.
Innova  IVF Provider Tbilisi     Doctor makes patients and surrogates wait many hours to be seen. Unpopular with surrogates
BetaPlus Fertility IVF Provider Tbilisi Dr Tamta Tsaava  50%+ success rate. New, state of the art IVF fertility, with top embryologist. Increasingly used by New Life Georgia clients. Only transfer blastocysts. Not good communication, so best engaged via agency
Poonam Surrogacy Exit specialist Tbilisi Poonam Jain English Speaking. Has many years experience expediting Citizenship, passports, and country exit for infants via surrogacy. Experience with 34+ nationalities in exiting Ukraine & other countries.
Atlas IVF (formerly Visit & Care) IVF Provider Tbilisi   Tolga Umar  Complete disaster. Many patient complaints