Service Providers Greece

Service Provider Name Service Provided City/ State Email Contact Notes
Mediterranean Fertility Institute IVF /Surrogacy Provider Chania, Crete Dr Ioannis Giakoumakis Screen surrogates, organise parental order and all IVF processes in-house. All surrogates are resident in Chania. Excellent surrogate support program. Large support team and most surrogacy experience of any Greek clinic. In-house legal support. Dr Giakoumakis is a leader in this area. See promotional video here. Discounted program for approved referrals via FTS (Contact
Embryo Clinic IVF/Surrogacy  Provider Thessaloniki Dr Elias Tsakos  Excellent IVF facility in Greece’s second largest city. Discounted program for approved referrals via FTS (Contact Also offer holisitic fertility services. Amongst the first IVF clinics officially licensed in Greece, British trained scientific personnel, ISO certified. Provide UK-based consults
Bio-Maternity IVF Provider Athens George Xygkos IVF and Births all occur in one facility. Modern IVF and lab facilities
IVF Serum IVF Provider Athens Dr Sofia Kasfiki Popular IVF provider, but no facilities for surrogate recruitment or supervision
Iakentro IVF Provider Thessaloniki  Ms Papanikoli
Embio IVF Provider Athens Dr. Thanos Paraschos  Can recruit surrogates. IVF processes, monitoring and births all under one roof. More expensive program
Konstantino Rokas Law Firm Athens Konstantinos Rokas Can prepare surrogacy contract & granting of Greek parental orders
ΝΟΜΟS Law Firm Thessaloniki Μaria Vastaroucha  Excellent experience. Can prepare surrogacy contract & granting of Greek parental orders