Some Canadian provinces have surrogacy legislation which allows altruistic surrogacy for Canadians and foreigners.

Canada also has an excellent public healthcare system and good quality IVF facilities. Surrogacy agencies in Canada are limited by law in what they can do. Paid advertising for surrogates is not legal. Charging to match intended parents with surrogates is not legal.

Canada has had phenomenal growth in demand due to its excellent legal framework, professionalism and surrogate support, reflecting a model other countries would do well to learn from

However some Canadian agencies do not cap the number of IPs they will accept each year and with increased demand the availability of surrogates can’t keep up.
Other Canadian agencies do cap the number of intended parents they take, and are not reporting the same supply/demand problems.

Wait times for surrogates can range from 1-12 months depending on the provider used. This is inherent in an altruistic model and intended parents looking at Canada need to understand these limitations

Not uncommonly intended parents using the largest egg donor and surrogacy providers are reporting

  • long wait times to be matched with a donor and/or surrogate
  • poor success rates
  • changes of surrogates and  surrogate drop-out

This in no way reflects on the quality of medical and surrogacy professionals, but simply on the availability of appropriate donors and surrogates