Surrogacy in Canada

Agencies are not allowed to charge for matching. They are instead paid to provide assistance with

  • referrals to lawyers, psychologists, fertility clinics, doctors, midwives and, hospitals
  • scheduling of these appointments
  • availability to answer the many questions participants have through the journey
  • emotional support
  • investigation of the surrogate’s or gestational carrier’s background and living arrangements
  • assistance completing the often complicated medical forms provided by the clinic
  • investigating clinics and the varying protocols each uses
  • referrals to clinics that will best suit client needs
  • attendances at appointments
  • travel arrangements
  • drafting spread sheets and tabulating the receipts to ensure only reasonable expenses are claimed and are reimbursed
  • maintaining regular contact with surrogate and the intended parents
  • preparation of birth plans
  • scheduling of DNA testing
  • referrals of intended parents to lawyers for the declaration of parentage
  • maintaining contact with the carriers and surrogates post-delivery