Surrogacy in India

As of 27 October 2015, Indian clinics are not allowing foreigners to commence surrogacy arrangments, following instructions by the Indian government

There are several groups fighting this ruling via petitions, lobbying and class action cases in the courts.

Parent Initiatives

Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad has engaged a Lawyer and has filed class actions against the Indian Council of Medical Research (the regulator) and with a view to protecting frozen embryos currently in India

Why a Class Action?

Hundreds of foreign parents and intended parents are affected. With previous Indian surrogacy cases, court judgements have only been applicable to the individual applicants. It is important that all can save their embryos

What is the Process?

This group are asking the Court, in the event foreigners are banned from India, to allow a grace period so that those with genetic material stored in India be able to complete sibling projects with their current embryos

If you have frozen sperm or embryos stored in India and would like to be able to use these in India or elsewhere, consider joining the Surrogacy Advocacy Abroad class action. If you are unsure what your immediate intention is with your embryos are still put your name on the list so the choice is not taken away from you

How Do I get Involved?

Email: advising that you wish to participate in the Class Action, and the Country you reside in. Contribute $150.00 towards the class actions cost. Payments can be made through

Petitions  protesting this ban

Industry Initiatives

INSTAR (Indian Society for Third Party Reproduction) which represents the Indian surrogacy clincis and ART banks are actively engaging with the Indian government via lobbying and public demonstrations.

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