Surrogacy has been available in Russia to heterosexual couples since 1995. The first surrogate twins were born in Saint-Petersburg. The official law concerning commercial surrogacy and financial compensation for pregnancy was adopted in November 2011

Russian Surrogacy Law

Russian law states:

  • A woman willing to be a surrogate must be aged 20-35. The woman does not have to be married.
  • A potential surrogate  must have her own healthy children (1-3) and be mentally and physically healthy.
  • The intended parents should be unable to have a child of their own, which must be proven by a medical assessment.
  • Marital status of the intended parents is not important. A single person also has the right to use surrogacy
  • Local surrogate  programs are accessible for foreigners.
  • Russian surrogates  have full parental rights for babies (even if they have no genetic link). They cannot be deprived of such rights without their consent. The surrogate signs documents specifying their agreement to give the baby to the intended parents. However, if the mother decides to keep the child, there is little recourse for intended parents.
  • Surrogate mothers are allowed to reinstate their parental rights if they desire.
  • When the surrogate child is 18, he or she may request parental rights of his surrogate mother to be restored.
  • Surrogate mothers cannot be genetically linked to the child. It means all surrogacy is gestational

Russian Surrogacy Service Providers

It can be helpful to engage an experienced surrogacy agency who can be your main point of contact. These providers have significant experience

Service Provider Name Service Provided City Email Contact Notes
 Ava Peter Clinic IVF Clinic St Petersburg Alexandra Stelmakh  Chinese, Spanish and Italian clients have completed surrogacy with this clinic
 Next Generation Clinic IVF Clinic St Petersburg Vlada Bolonina
 Rosjur Consulting Legal Support St Petersburg Konstantin Svitnev
Expert legal support. Partners with agencies to provide surrogacy services
 Nemama Surrogacy Agency St Petersburg Sergey Malozemov Provides egg donors and surrogates. Standard and guarantee programs. Partner with Ava-Peter, Genesis, Nova Clinic, Medcase, NGC Clinic
 European Center for Surrogate Motherhood Surrogacy Agency Moscow
 Eva Reproduction Agency Surrogacy Agency St Petersburg
 Center of Legal Support for Surrogacy Legal Support Ufa Legal contracts for surrogacy