Surrogacy in the UK

While altruistic Surrogacy is legal in the UK, there are rules about its practice

  • No third party should be involved on a commercial basis – that is, receive fees for ‘brokering’ a surrogacy relationship.
  • Advertising for a surrogate is not allowed, nor is advertising to be a surrogate
  • The surrogate can only receive payment to cover the expenses that she has incurred in being pregnant for her intended parents

The UK has an established history of supporting uncompensated surrogacy arrangements since at least 1988, principally through the work of consumer-run organisations such as COTS and Surrogacy UK.

Since April 2010 it has also been possible for same-sex couples to undertake surrogacy in the UK, and so support organisations now assist same-sex couples to meet potential surrogates and provide them support also.

Increasingly, UK residents also engage in surrogacy in overseas countries, using agencies which specialise in sourcing and screening potential surrogates.