Michael, Australia 2018

My partner is unable to carry, which has been quite the emotional journey. Being able to connect with others and hear from real people that have been (or currently going) through this, has been an enormous help. Sometimes you think you’re alone in this journey, but your seminar helped us more than you can imagine!

Catherine, Australia 2018

Thank you for the session. We found it really helpful and it made us feel like surrogacy is a real option for us. I loved the families that got up at the end and spoke about their own experiences. You can’t beat first-hand knowledge!


If anyone is questioning whether this is beneficial or not to go to a Seminar, you absolutely should go. My fiancé and I went along and were gobsmacked with the amount of information available in an understanding level along with support and great people! Do it!

Leah, Australia 2017

We had a great time at the conference, really enjoyed meeting those we did get to meet and wished we had more time to chat to those we didn’t get to meet. Thank you to all of you who shared your stories with us, such an emotional few days. Heartfelt thanks to all who made the weekend happen

Emma, Australia 2017

Wow what a weekend! We went into the conference with an open mind and came away with so much fantastic content. Thanks to the organisers and thanks to all those who shared their stories!

David, Australia 2017

Wow. What a fantastic and emotional weekend in Melbourne. Thanks to the team for organising it.

Trevor, Australia 2017

thanks to  the FTS team for running such a great conference which had a wealth of information


Wow what a weekend. Thank you everyone who made us welcome and all the speakers who shared their stories. The conference has really given us clarity on our options. Thanks again

Brad, Australia 2017

We met so many like-minded couples with such warmth and willingness to share their knowledge. It was a priceless experience and we hope to be able to pay-forward with our experience one day

Lisa, Australia 2017

Such a wonderful weekend & thank you to all the lovely souls who introduced themselves to us & to all the surrogates & IPS who gave us advice

Adeline & Mick, UK

My husband and I attended the conference in Windsor at the weekend. It was brilliant… very informative and has really helped us plan out next steps in finding our surrogate.

Dean Beynon, UK

Was invaluable information & much better than anything I had attended before

Stacey B.

Parent thru Surrogacy

A wonderful weekend …. with lots of information shared. Also lovely to meet up again with old friends from last year and also meet many new ones.

Fabio (from Italy), UK

Beautiful and very useful conference in Windsor. Thank you very much

Mariam Kukunashvili

New Life Global

thanks a lot for inviting us …. It is really great opportunity for clinics/agencies… I (have) visited many fertility shows during the last couple of years in UK , Europe, Israel (and) Medical Tourism Conferences in USA but absolutely none of them were so fruitful for every involved party as your annual gathering.

Alisa Moody

Parent thru Surrogacy

was so touched by the amazing people I met and heard speak. What a journey this is for so many people

Karen Mills

parent thru surrogacy

what an amazing conference. Must admit that tears were rolling down my face as well when Matt, Alice and James all shared their stories.

Brett J

Intended Parent

it’s stories like yours that give us the motivation to keep on!. ….. it means a lot to be in touch with people who know exactly what we’re going through

Danni M

intended parent

At the Conference and l have one word = Amazing!!!!!!!! Karen and her amazing son Matt completely and utterly changed mine and my husband’s life when they talked …. They completely helped our understandings with so many things on so many levels.

Rachel Kunde


A great conference. …. It’s so nice to see some grown children of surrogacy tell their stories in their own words

Helene O.

intended parent

Thanks so much to all those that made this conference possible. From the incredible team of organizer’s, to every presenter, it was an educational, emotional & uplifting weekend.