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Education and Insight from Industry Experts

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Our USA Surrogacy and Egg Donation Seminars focus on educating intended parents with expert insights on reliable, ethical family building options. Note that end-to-end costs may include services totalling US$165,000

Melbourne venue: Garden Room, Level 2, Crown Towers

City Date & Time Location & Address
Melbourne Tuesday, 26 March 2019 –
Crown Melbourne Level 1, Crown Towers 8 Whiteman Street Southbank
Sydney Thursday, 28 March 2019 -
Hilton Hotel 488 George Street Syndey

USA Surrogacy & Egg Donation SEMINARS

IconMelbourne Tuesday 26th March, Sydney Thursday 28th March
Timing Description

Welcome & Introduction

As Australia struggles to cope with high unmet demand for surrogacy, this seminar showcases how some US states have developed a best practice surrogacy model, backed by 39 years experience. Australian states are reviewing their own laws in the area, so we can benefit in hearing from some of the leading US experts as well as Australian parents who have created family there.

Sam Everingham, President Surrogacy Australia


Parent Panel

Australians who utilised US egg donation or surrogacy discuss the practical issues around their family formation journeys

Moderator: Karen Synesiou

Melbourne: Catherine Mair (Mum to twins via US), Eva John (Mum via US) Andy John (Young adult via US), LJ Wallace (Mum via US)

Sydney: Rees Rear (Dad via US), Paul Sinclair (Dad via US), Lisa Banfield (Mum via US), Kat Patterson-Gray (Mum to twins via US), Andy John (Young adult via US)



Best Practice in Surrogate Screening, Matching and Support

CSP has been helping Australians create families by matching and supporting their journeys to parenthood with the ideal egg donor or surrogate for 39 years. Countries like Australia and Canada struggle to recruit, match and support surrogates, whereas some US states have ‘got it right’. Learn about the donor and surrogate options and what makes for positive relationships between recipient and their team.

Karen Synesiou, CSP, California


Using Donor Eggs in Family Building

They may be your only option or your Plan B given diminished ovarian reserve or ovarian failure. Learn how the US sources egg donors and how you can harness science to guarantee you chromosomally normal embryos

Amy Plaster , Ovation Fertility


Factors to Consider in Choosing an IVF clinic

The IVF process is one of the most expensive components, so it is important you choose a great provider. Unlike Australia, US clinics much publish their success rates. Learn how to interpret success, why the US has the world’s highest success rates for donor egg IVF and how you can maximum the quality of your embryos

Dr David Smotrich, La Jolla  IVF


Legal Protections in Egg Donor & Surrogacy Arrangements

Does the US have legal contracts between recipient, egg donor and surrogate? Are these enforceable? Who is the legal parent at birth? How can the law best protect surrogates,  parents & children? Is it important which US state my surrogate lives in? US state law often differs markedly from that of Australian states.  This session highlights the differences and how US law can help.

Andy Vorzimer, Vorzimer Masserman


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