What to Look For in Agencies

What to Look for

  • An agency with a Mexican Attorney that understands Tabasco and Mexico City laws
  • Honesty
  • Experienced with IPs from different countries – Can provide at least 3 references.

Warning signs of Bad Agencies

·         Requests for a deposit prior to signing contract

·         Exaggerated numbers of intended parents assisted without providing referees

·         Sharing eggs from an egg donor. This is illegal in Mexico

·         Suggesting you surrogate travel abroad for the transfer

·         Offering a surrogate who is not a Mexican citizen

·         Offering a surrogate who is under age 18

·         Offering embryo adoption (not allowed in Mexico)

·         Saying the birth would take place not in the state of Tabasco but that does not mind at all

·         Suggesting you don’t need a Mexican lawyer for birth certificate (you do)